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February 13, 2009

Oroville Mercury Register (OMR)
June 11, 1945
The Denny Brothers
Three sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Denny of El Noble street answered the call to service for their country, Carl Denny, 26, seaman 2/c has been missing since Aug. 8, 1942. Pvt. Lee Denney, 23 , was in France the last time his parents heard from him, and Pvt. Howard Denney, 18, is in the Philippines. Carl entered the service in December. 1941 and took his boot camp training at San Diego Naval Training Base. Prior to his military service he was employed at the Meadow Valley Lumber Company. Lee began his training at Camp Roberts in December, 1942, and after further training at several other camps was sent overseas last February. He was wounded February 28, in Germany. At a hospital in England he was awarded the Purple Heart. After convalescing he went back into the fight. Howard entered the service from high school in 1944. He trained at Camp Roberts and went overseas in February this year.

August 23, 1945
Carl Denney Reported Dead
The death of Carl Cleveland Denney, 26, Seaman 2c, USNR, son of Mr. and Mrs. John William Denney, El Noble Avenue, has been officially announced by the Office of War Information. Seaman Denney was previously reported missing on Aug. 8, 1942. Denney entered the service in December, 1941, and took his boot camp training at San Diego Naval Training Base. Prior to his military service he was employed at the Meadow Valley Lumber Company. He has two brothers, also in the service, Pvt. Lee Denney, 23, and Pvt. Howard Denney, 18.

December 17, 1945
Files Petition In Lost Son’s Estate
A petition for letters of administration was filed today by John W. Denny upon the estate of his son Carl C. Denney. Denney was lost while serving on the Destroyer Jarvis in the Coral Sea battle in August, 1942. The destroyer was damaged by air attacks off Guadalacanal and departed for Noumea, New Caledonia for repairs but was declared missing with all hands when it failed to arrive there. The estate consists of $1634. The petition was filed through the firm of Clewe , Deahl and Glensor.

The Jack Sapp Story
Jack was born in Parma, Idaho, July 2, 1924. His father worked for the Western Pacific Rail Road on the Pulga Section as Section Foreman, so at 17 that is where Jack worked in 1942-43. Jack’s job was to walk the tracks at night looking for slides blocking the tracks. If he found one and there were many in those days, he would look at his train schedule for which way the train was coming (no radios then) and run down or up the track to put out flares or “torpedos” a device that alerted the Engineers by a loud bang and he would stop the train. Jacks dad would be alerted and come out to blow up the rocks off the track. Jack made friends with the guards at the tunnels. They were on guard for possible German saboteurs. They were armed and Jack let them know right off who he was. Jack would come into Oroville for a movie at our State Theater and sometimes the line would stretch to the Municipal Auditorium, there were lots of Soldiers in town. Charlie’s was always packed. Soon Jack would be one of them. To join he needed a birth certificate; having none, his mother had a bible that she recorded his birth in. That was good enough. There was a War on. Soon Jack was waiting in front of our Veterans Memorial Hall on Montgomery for the Bus that would start his journey for 6 days in Rome all expenses paid. Jack’s story to be continued.

Stu’s Notes: I met Jack Sapp because my sister Peggy is married to his nephew Ron Schultz.

Cousin Johnny Lee said Howard Denney was grazed by a sniper and lay wounded on the field of battle. The GI’s told a German prisoner he had to go out and drag Howard in or they would shoot him. He did. Howard told Johnny Lee when he woke up he couldn’t believe who was dragging him especially to the American line. I went to school with another cousin Jesse Lee.

The Oroville Veterans Memorial Committee will be holding a Rummage Sale on February 21st from 9am to 2pm at the Veterans Memorial Hall 2374 Montgomery Street. Donations of usable items will be appreciated and accepted, February 20th in the afternoon at the Hall. Call Sam 589-4924 or Sherry 532-7948, proceeds are going for the Veterans Memorial Park.