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January 9, 2009

Oroville Mercury Register
November 1, 1950
Father Of Five Called By Navy

An Oroville father of four daughters and one son today has received Navy orders to report for duty. He is Jess L. Patterson, of Gawthorne Street, who served as an under-water demolition expert during World War II. A chief gunner’s mate, Patterson held the distinction of being both a Navy and Marine Corps fighter during three and one half years of service in the Pacific theater of war. As a demolition man, Patterson participated in the assaults on Saipan, Kwajalein, the Philippines and Iwo Jima. Patterson was one of a limited number of experts in the Navy who swam into enemy waters from submarines or other craft to locate enemy minefields and installations on shore in preparation for an assault. He wore a rubber mask and rubber flippers as part of his “frog-man” costume in an occupation considered to be one of the most dangerous of all Navy duties. His orders took him to San Francisco today for his final physical examination. He has been ordered to be in uniform at Treasure Island not later than Dec. 2. His family includes his wife, four daughters, ages 16, 15, 13, and 7 and one son, two and one-half. His pay as a chief gunner’s mate will be $205.08 a month with an added allowance for his family of $85. He is employed here as a car salesman.
(I hope one of my readers know their names.)

Yanks Prepare Last Korea Blow
By Earnest Hoberecht- TOKYO (Thursday) –(UP)- Battle wise American divisions took over from faltering South Korean troops in three key sectors of Korea today as Communist resistance aground and in the air boiled up menacingly. The U. S. 1st Marine Division , the 1st Cavalry and the 7th Infantry Division charged into full scale action against Communist Forces which had driven ahead in scattered parts of North Korea. Gen. Douglas MacArthur committed the American forces in Korea to the final push toward the Manchurian and Russian borders after the South Koreans, who had set the pace in most sectors since the fall of Pyongyang, lost ground to Communist counter-blows.

Blair House Gun Battle!
Two assailants Shot Down, One Killed; Three Policemen Wounded.
(Washington-UP)-Two gunmen apparently attempting to assassinate President Truman were shot down today in a wild battle on the sidewalk in front of the President’s Blair House residence. Mr. Truman was unharmed, but three White House policemen were wounded. One of the assailants was shot dead. The other was wounded seriously. Police said they suspected that one of the assailants had a Communist record. The two men were cut down by secret service agents and White House police as they tried to shoot their way into the Blair House. H.W. Francis, and inspector of White House police, said: “ I presume they were trying to get in the house for assassination.” Mr. Truman was in Blair House when the shooting occurred at about 2:15 p.m., EST. He was preparing to leave for Arlington cemetery for a ceremony. One Officer, as he fell gravely wounded at the sidewalk, drilled one of the assailants squarely between the eyes with his police revolver. One of the attackers fell at the foot of the steps leading to the Blair House That was as close as either got to the President. The wounded White House officers were; Leslie Coffelt, Arlington, W., in “ very critical condition”; Joseph Down, Silver Spring, Md., “critical condition”; and Donald T. Birdzell, Washington, D. C., in “fair condition.”
(Heroes doing their job. Stu.)

December 4th, 1950
Truman, Attlee Confer As Crisis Grows, Million Chinese Thrown Into War

Oroville Mercury Register
November 6, 1950
Paradise Marine Corps Veteran Re-Enlists

Kay LaVelle Brown, 22, of Paradise, a former Marine, has been accepted for re-enlistment, S-Sgt. Charles Wilson, Marine Corps recruiting officer, announced here today. Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Brown, former residents of Wells, Nev., spent two years in China during 1945-46. He passed his physical examination last week and has reported for duty to Treasure Island.

Oroville Mercury Register
December 15, 1950
Chico Marine Veteran Re-Enlists in Service

Raymond L. Baxter of Arcadian Avenue, Chico, is in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego following his re-enlistment in the Corps last week. Baxter, who served in the Corps from 1945 to 1947 passed his physical examination and was sworn in at San Francisco Wednesday. During his prior service he was stationed in China, Japan and Guam. He is a construction worker in civilian life and spent 14 months on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company project on the Feather River.

Stu’s Notes: All the above happened before the young Marines re-enlisted. What were they thinking! Such brave young men all three of the above. You be the judge was Gen MacArthur right or wrong to be on the Chinese Border. So far from his supplies. The next few months our men fought one of the most famous retreats in history, all the way back to Seoul South Korea. I saw the movie as a young boy. “Retreat H--- we are just attacking in another direction”. Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee members Howard Gregg, Darby Miller and Ed Ewalt were all there. Happy Birthday to day to my brother Larry!