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January 16, 2009

Oroville Mercury, April 7,1951
Army Orders Colonel Gilbert To Active Duty

The Army has recalled Col. Fred I. Gilbert, of Second Avenue, from the retired list to active duty and he will leave for Washington, D. C. early next week. Col. Gilbert will report to the war department and later will be assigned to a station in the eastern part of the United States. Mrs. Gilbert will accompany her husband to Washington and will remain with him temporarily before returning to Oroville. Recall of the retired Army officer to active duty followed briefly the recall of Col. and Mrs. Gilbert’s son, Captain Robert Gilbert, to duty as a reserve officer, Captain Gilbert, a school principal at Tahoe City, was assigned to the 40th National Guard division and left last week for Japan with that unit. Col. Gilbert, retired in 1947 after 36 years of Army service, and has made his home in Oroville since then. He began his military career 40 years ago, March 1, 1911, with the U. S. Coast Guard in Alaska. Entering the Army in 1914, he served in Mexico and with the American Expeditionary Force in World War I. Between WWI and WWII he served at various stations throughout the United States and foreign possessions. In World War II he was a staff officer of one of the field armies and later was in the war department in Washington in the office of the chief of ordnance. During this time he was chief of the operations division charged with supervision of ordnance at field establishments. He is a member of Oroville Rotary Club and commissioner and vice chairman of the Department of California American Legion Americanization program in the schools. He has been active in community affairs here. Mrs. Gilbert is president of the Oroville Women’s Community club, vice president of the Butte County Federation of Women’s Clubs, and state chairman of international relations for the California Federation of Women’s clubs and is active in other organizations.

MacArthur Forces Action To Clear Korea Confusion
Solons May Request Report by General
Washington – (U.P.)- Official pressure built up today for President Truman to crackdown on Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s complaint against U. S. policy conduct of the Korean war. But some influential Republican Senators took the view that the administration was guilty of mishandling of policy.

April 11, 1951
News From Oroville Men In The Service
PVT. Alvin W. Unfried training near end
Pvt. Alvin W. Unfried, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Unfried, Route 4, Oroville, is completing his AF basic airmen indoctrination course at Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas. His basic training is preparing him for entrance into Air Force technical training and for assignment in specialized work. The course includes a scientific evaluation of his aptitude and inclination for following a particular vocation and career.

April 25, 1951
Joe David Wilson, is the son of Cpl. and Mrs. Jim Wilson. Cpl. Wilson is fighting with the Army in Korea, while Mrs. Wilson lives here in Oroville. Joe, who was one year old March 16, is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Barrett of Woodleaf Star Route and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilson of Fifth avenue. He also has three great grandmothers and two great grandfathers. He has been walking since March 2 and has been talking since he was seven months old. Some of the words he says are “mama” “daddy,” “auntie” and “Bud”. He has four teeth; his eyes are brown and his hair is brown. His favorite “toy” is Pancho, his dog.

Stu’s Notes: Last week’s story on Oroville Hero Jess L. Patterson brought a call from Ernie Reynolds who knew the man. Ernie said he became an Oroville Policeman when he came home and maybe several of his children might be in the area.

An old soldier is about to be relieved of Command by President Harry Truman. An old Oroville Soldier is called back to duty. You might say by the President, as he is the Commander in Chief of all American Armed Forces. I have talked to Bob Gilbert on the street but never got a story from him and now he’s gone. I’ve written about Maxine and George Gilbert before, I wonder if all these Gilberts are related. They sure served our Country well. As usual for those days the above story of Fred Gilbert leaves off his wife’s first name. Times have changed. Like many soldiers they never got to see some of their children born. I hope Cpl. Jim Wilson came home before too long. Late breaking news about Jess Patterson; I just received an email from Daryl , stay tuned next week.