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December 4, 2009

Oroville Mercury April 24, 1944
2 Pilots Killed Near Marysville
Hamilton Field, California- (U.P.) - Two pilots were killed when their single seat fighter planes collided in mid-air and exploded last night 15 miles west of Marysville, Calif., Hamilton Field announced today. The pilots, both of whom were stationed at Marysville army air base, were: 2nd Lt. Kingsley M. Dickens, 20, son of Mrs. Samuel Dickens, Fitzgerald, Ga., and F/O Newton W. Due, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gem k. Due, Longview, Tex.

“Some Gave All”
Oroville Mercury March 2, 1944
Plane Explodes Near Maxwell; Two Killed
Sacramento-(U.P.)- Two fliers were killed yesterday when the B-25 bomber in which they were flying exploded at 3000 feet elevation and crashed on a ranch near Maxwell, Calif., Mather Field officials announced today. The victims were identified as 2nd Lt. William Frederick Esser Jr., 21 St. Joseph, Mo., and 2nd Lt. Ora Forrest Kinsley, 22, Springfield, O.

OMR April 28, 1944
Lt. Bell Arrives At English Base
Lt. John R. Bell of the army dental corps has arrived in England according to word received by his mother, Mrs. E. E. Bell, Mitchell Avenue. Lt. Bell, a graduate of Oroville high school in 1923, and the University of Southern California practiced dentistry in Nevada City 16 years. Bell wrote that he found the people of England very hospitable. His wife and twin sons, John and James Bell, 4, are living in Sacramento. A third son, Ronald, is living with Mrs. E. E. Bell and is attending Oroville high school where he is a sophomore.

OMR April 24, 1944
Looking Backward Twenty Five Years ago (1919)
Lieut. Esque McAtee writes to his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. O. McAtee, that he is in charge of a detachment of wounded men who are now en route to San Francisco…. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Strang have received word from their son, Robert B. Strang that he has arrived in New York from over seas.

OMR April 28, 1944
Twenty Five Years Ago (1919)
Lt. M. J. Howells, a son of J. M. Howells, chief engineer of the Western Canal Company, has returned to his home after seeing service overseas…

Stu’s Notes: Remember Pearl Harbor. This coming Monday will be December 7th, I think most of my readers know what that means. For years in the past I have gone to Gridley, where for a long time Pearl Harbor Survivors have gathered to remember the day long ago. When the bombs fell and killed close to 2500 Americans and started WWII for us. Europe had been at war for over 2 years already. As in the past there will be a survivor or two less than before, there will be about 6 or 7 from various Media and a dozen or so ordinary people like me. The ceremony is in the center of the Butte County Fair grounds, where there is a small memorial and flag pole. It starts at 9:55am, which is 7:55am in Hawaii the time of the attack in 1941. The public is invited. It will be cold, but usually dry. After the ceremony we retire to a small building where we hear the Survivors Stories. I have heard them for many years but still look forward to hearing them again. Usually the Mayor of Gridley comes. This year I hope to take Bob Wolfersberger and Darby Miller over with me. Bob was in the fight starting Dec. 8, as they were a day ahead of Pearl, he and many brave Americans fought on for 5 months in the Philippines where as I have written before, they ran out of everything and had to surrender. Bob was a POW for the rest of the War. Darby came to the Philippines at the end of WWII and narrowly escaped death several times. What would our country do with out men like Bob and Darby? I’ll tell you what, we would not be here.

Some might wonder why I wrote about the 4 men who died just a little over our county line. Well by writing those stories there name’s will go on the internet which will go all over the world (Thanks Daryl) Some where, sometime a relative will find those little stories and learn a little bit about what happened to their long forgotten relative. I recently talked to Bob or Bud Strang, and said your relatives go way back to WWI serving our Country, which a man who overheard our conversation said Bob or Bud you sure look good for being in WWI, the twin brothers served in WWII. I still can’t tell who’s who.