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August 1, 2008

Oroville Mercury Register April 17, 1942
Chico Guard Unit Not Disbanded
A report that Co. G. of the State Guard in Chico was disbanded Wednesday night when equipment was turned over to a representative of the state adjutant general’s office was denied Thursday by Col. Junius Pierce, executive officer of the State Guard. Col. Pierce explained that the proceedings merely constituted formal steps necessary for reorganization of the unit under the bill signed recently by Governor Olson. The men will be re-enlisted as formalities are complied with, the officer explained. Vearl Patten of Chico, a member of the unit, said here Thursday that he understood the company was being disbanded. Later the Mercury checked with the United Press in Sacramento which obtained a statement from Pierce. Part of the Chico company is on active duty in Sacramento and others are in Chico. The new State Guard bill provides that the men re-enlist, stating whether they prefer active or reserve service, a procedure that already has been followed in Oroville.

Because Lt. David McDonough, commanding the inactive unit in Chico, is a bonded officer, regulations required that all rifles be taken to Sacramento for re-issuance after the new company has been mustered in. Captain J. C. Nisbet of the Oroville Company said Thursday that 30 additional rifles have been issued to the Oroville company, making 80 in the company.

Jimmy Thrasher Arrives In India
Walter (Jimmy) Thrasher, 22, of Oroville, has arrived in India with the army air corps, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Thrasher, learned in an air mail letter received Saturday morning. The letter was mailed a month ago, Mrs. Thrasher said. It was the first word the Thrashers had received from their son in three months.

Legion, Auxiliary Plan Party Series
Starting Monday, May 11, the American Legion and auxiliary will give a series of four card parties, at Memorial Hall, Mrs. Ellen Walker Chairman, announced.

USWV Auxiliary, Camp Meet Thursday
Muster Day services will feature meetings at 8 p. m. Thursday in Memorial Hall of United Spanish War Veterans, Camp 109, and Auxiliary 95. At 7 p. m. the two organizations will hold a pot luck dinner at the hall, with families invited as guests. Commander John Cook, who has returned from a vacation, will preside at the camp meeting.

Stu’s Notes: A fast trip to Riverside and March Field. Why so fast, daughter, Sgt. Deborah Shaner needed to be there on short notice. She was just back from Camp Roberts, and 2 weeks of combat training, where she received the Expert Rifle Badge. Although she is in the Transportation Division, they need to be prepared. About 50 or so from Oroville, Chico and Yuba City, California National Guard men and women, flew out to Indiana with about 250 from the Riverside area of the 1498th Transportation Company “Spartans”. They are on their way to Iraq. Debbie got us rooms right on the Base. Quite a thrill for me to be on a base with so much history and so many heroes passed through since WWI. March is named for a Lt. March who was killed in a plane crash in 1918. Walking around the base one day they played reveille on a bugle, through a speaker. All soldiers outside stood at attention and saluted the direction where it came. At night they played taps and the national anthem. It felt good to be there. The next two days were spent in a big auditorium at the National Guard Armory next to the base. There were not many mothers and fathers like us but lots of wives and a few husbands and lots of little kids and many mothers to be. There were many support groups with pamphlets about what the families needed to know. The support that is available to them. On the day of departure all of the Soldiers marched in to be seated. Quite a sight but they all wore camouflage, so I didn’t see them as individuals, just 300 of America’s finest. There were speeches by City of Riverside Dignitaries and a General or two. A big Heavy Equipment Transport, (H.E.T.) was in the back ground. It can carry an Abrams Tank! . We were served more food and then the good byes. Couples sharing long goodbye kisses with kids running around. I’m sure my readers that were in the service or married to someone in the service can relate to these goodbyes. I did feel sad for some that had nobody there to see them off. They did have a strong bond among each other. Many had trained together for many years. Their ages went from 19 to 50. Soldiers everyone.

The Chico Guard Co. “G” did go to War about 50 or more. Eleven of them lost their lives in the Pacific Theater. Thanks to Brusie Funeral Home, I found Ken Harmer and Don Heeter of Chico VFW 1565. Recently a man brought in a picture of Co. “G” but he didn’t leave his name. I hope we can find him. Don served in the Korean War and is very active in their new hall at 554 Rio Lindo Ave. Chico. He will try to find help from Chico on our now County Wide Memorial Park.