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May 9, 2008

Oroville Mercury Register
January 8, 1953
News From Oroville Men In The Service

Ralph Doyle Ford, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Cadwell, Robinson street, Oroville, has returned to Amarillo Air Force Base after spending his holiday leave with his parents. Ford Joined the Air Force after graduating from Oroville Union High School in June, 1952. He took his basic training at Parks Air Force Base and is now taking a general jet course at the Air Force school in Amarillo.

Pvt. Marion D. Boelman is reported en route to Europe where he is expected to be assigned to a motor pool as a mechanic. The young Oroville serviceman entered the Army on June 12, and received his training at Ft. Ord. His wife, Charlotte, resides on Power House Hill road, and his mother, Mrs. A. M. Norris, resides at Biggs.

Charles E. Rogers, aviation structural mechanic airman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Rogers of Route 1, Oroville is serving aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Oriskany with Attack Squadron 923 off Korea. Recently, three Panther jets of the Oriskany, shot down two MIGs and damaged two others only 35 miles distant from the Task Force. The destroyed MIGs were the fourth and fifth credited to Naval and Marine pilots since the outbreak of the Korean conflict.

It’s a new rate to seaman, USN, for Dan L. Long, son of Mr. and Mrs. Trevor J. Long of Route 3, Oroville. He is serving aboard the light cruiser USS Manchester. The Manchester has completed two tours of duty in the Korean combat zone. During the 17 months she has fired more than 44,000 rounds of major caliber ammunitions at Communist targets.

Pfc. Frederick William Brill is home at Lake Madrone with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Van Cortell on a 27-day leave. Brill is with the 3rd Marine Division at Camp Joseph H. Pendleton. He has seen 10 months service at Camp Pendleton. Just before his leave, Brill went on a13 day maneuver on the desert near Twenty-nine Palms. He expects to be in the states at least until April. He will return to his base on Jan. 12. A New Year’s Eve party was given in Brill’s honor at the Lake Madrone Tradin’ Post. The guests danced and enjoyed pot luck refreshments. Some of the guests attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Belcher and Donna of Brush Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Van Cortell and Katherine, Mr. and Mrs. Sfc. Stillman Cortell, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Voth, Mrs. Lulella Converse, Mrs. Carol Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. Ford Shaffer of Woodland and daughter Susan, Miss Sally Ebell, also of Woodland, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Walensky, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wussow, Mr. and Mrs. John Elmer, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Buckallew from Oroville, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stoney, Ernest Cayton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jones from Oroville, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wyman and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stevens.

This next article is from Ned Harrison, an old Oroville Dam Worker and Retired Laborer, and mostly a hard rock Miner. It is a long story so it will take a few weeks to tell it all. A Man Called ‘Jarhead’ To his many friends he was known simply as “Jarhead,” a moniker he earned as a U. S. Marine. Jarhead passed away, June 29, 2003, at the age of 70. His real name was Leonard Steege, and his goddaughter, Dusty Sample, a young Apache Junction businesswoman, submitted this story to the News.” A native Oregonian, Steege, a gruff, outspoken man, described how he joined the Marine Corps at the end of March 1951, less than three months after he turned 18. “I quit high school in ’51, my senior year, and joined the Marine Corps,’ Steege said with a laugh.’ I was going to be a half a credit short and I wouldn’t graduate, so I thought, to heck with it.’” At the time he signed up, the Korean War was in full swing. Steege said he and many others wanted to join the conflict. “I volunteered to go to Korea eight or 10 times, but they would never take me. But, finally, I think I had 11 months to go, they shipped me off,” he said.
To be Continued.

Stu’s Notes: Tomorrow I will be on our ‘Men Who Built Oroville Dam’ Float, furnished by the DWR. Come on down and see a really great parade. Lynn and I and Bill Fox will, as always, will have a booth with lots of memorabilia on the building of the Oroville Dam. We will also have information on our Veterans Memorial Park. Bill will be selling hats and shirts. Come down and see us in the big parking lot across from the Eagles. Our booth should be on Montgomery as usual, thank you, Mike Isch. The Veterans Memorial Hall on Montgomery Street, built by the people of Butte County in 1936, is open, never has been closed and will always be there for the Veterans and soon they will finally have a long over due parking lot. Oroville Dam was dedicated on May 4, 1968 and is now 40 years old.