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November 28, 2008

Oroville Mercury Register

August 20, 1945
Bidwell Bar - PFC Paul A. Blackwell, Sr., returned home to a very excited wife and sons, Glenn and Paul Jr., Monday, Aug. 12. Pfc. Blackwell was stationed overseas nine months and twenty eight days. He traveled through Austria and Italy collecting several souvenirs including a German knife and pipe and some Italian money. Pfc. Blackwell is glad to be home. He intends to rest up a few days before returning to the duties of civilian life. He received his discharge the day he left Camp Beale for home. Being the first man to receive discharge because of age limit.

August 29, 1945
U.S. Flag Flies From Japan Mast
by Hugh Crumpler
Okinawa-(UP)- The first American flag was raised over Japan’s home soil at 12;10 pm, yesterday on Atsugi airstrip by members of the Fifth Air force’s “Flying Circus.” The Stars and Stripes slipped into the breeze from the peak of the Japanese field’s radio mast. American officers returning from the first reconnaissance landing declared today that the Japanese had smothered them with politeness, feeding them turtle soup and roast beef at a flower be-decked table. There was a chubby little lieutenant-general on hand to greet them. He and his fellow officers appeared in high good humor, smirking and saluting at every opportunity.

Biggs-Gridley-The News
July 7, 1944
Honor Roll Dedicated with Military Rites
Beneath a balmy, full moon-lit twilight sky, Biggs dedicated its 240 name honor roll,, Wednesday night with the military theme mixed with the love and affection of the home folks paying tribute to their sons and daughters now in the armed forces on the far flung fronts of this global war. Nine names under the gold star were paid especial tribute, as symbolized in the presentation of the Purple Heart and Presidential Citation to Mrs. George Hammer, whose son Leslie C. Hammer lost his life, presumed, at Bataan. Some 350 parents, friends, and relatives crowded the street in front of the library park which forms an amphitheatre for the honor roll erected by the Biggs Community club – a natural setting of grass, shrubs, with a native deodora towing behind the board to form the background. Rev. Howard Daulton, the moving spirit behind the erection of the honor roll acted as master of ceremonies. A public address system sent to Biggs by the Gridley Junior Chamber of Commerce had been set up at the speakers stand on the sidewalk in front of the honor roll. Capt. Wesley Neubarath and his Gridley state guard company marched from First and B to the civic center, where they were reviewed by Brigadier-General Oscar B. Abbott, USA commanding general of Camp Beale and his staff. They presented the colors and stood at attention during the ceremony.

Capt. E. A. Powell, Camp Beale Post chaplain gave the Invocation. Mayor A. J. Stohr briefly welcomed the honored guests and the assemblage, and especially extended greeting to General Abbott and his wife and staff, recalling how he and Mayor S. S. Hinaman, had spent a day and a night at Camp Beale last fourth of July, during the big review of the 13th armored division. He paid tribute to the boys and girls on the honor roll and to parents and relatives of the members of the gold star column. Daulton also extended his greeting and congratulated the community club on their fine work of erecting this roll, and thanked the many men and women of the community who aided in building the roll and assisting in compiling the names. He pointed out that perhaps some names had been omitted, unintentionally, and again stressed that these be handed in to The News office or to him, for proper inscription on the board. Introductions included, Brigadier General and Mrs. Abbott, Major I. B. Beren, Capt. E. A. Powell, Lt. A. A. Grossman of the public relations staff at Camp Beale, Mrs. George Hammer, Judge G. L. Beilby, Mayor S. S. Hinaman of Gridley, Capt. Wesley Neubarth, Lt. LeRoy Wiser, both of the State Guard, Mrs. Merle Miller vice chairman of Legion auxiliary and representing the district officers of the American Legion. Earl and Robert Linford presented a trumpet duet accompanies on the piano by Mrs. Gladys McClure. (to be continued)

Stu’s Notes: Just a wife, no first name, times have changed. If I find he name I will print it. American Flag over Japan. The long, terrible war is over. Again I must thank Bill Fox, if he had not drug me to the Booth in Biggs for the 4th of July event,( I had a good time), I would not have met Pat Shuman who lead me to 100’s of stories of the Biggs-Gridley Soldiers and names of those who lost their lives. Many that, after 7 years of research we did not have. Thanks to The News of long ago.