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October 31, 2008

Oroville Mercury July 15, 1944

June Newlyweds
The Leon Basyes, whose marriage took place June 18 in North “Carolina a few days following Basye’s promotion to first class petty officer in the U. S. Navy. Mrs. Basye is the former Cleo Griffiths of North Carolina. Basye is the son of Mrs. Ethel Platzek of Oroville

Oroville Mercury June20, 1944

In The Marines
PVT. Louis Whitlock daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Whitlock of Lincoln Street, last February left her job in the office of the Western Pacific Railroad at Sacramento to become one of Uncle Sam’s nieces in the marine corps. She is stationed at the Marine Air Base in El Centro where she is a drill instructor and does secretarial work. Pvt. Whitlock is a graduate of Oroville High School, class of 1940, and of the Ross Business College at Grand Junction, Colo. Lorena Mae, younger sister of Pvt. Whitlock, is also in the Marines. She began boot training May 11 in North Carolina.

Oroville Mercury September 27, 1945

Service Corner…Veterans’ Right To Reemployment Explained Here
(The following is a brief digest of the law assuring the veteran his old job back. Veterans desiring to read the terms in more detail should call at the Selective Service office in Memorial Hall.-Editor.)
Local selective service boards are responsible under the act creating them for giving aid to returning veterans in obtaining their former positions or new positions, In doing this the board will co-operate with the U. W. Employment Service. A veteran is entitled to reinstatement in his former position: (1) whether his employer was in private business or the federal government; (2) If it was not a temporary position: (3) If he left the position after May 1, 1940 in order to go into the service; (4) If he got an honorable discharge; (5) If he is still qualified to fill the position; (6) If he applies for it within 90 days after discharge; (7) Unless the private employer’s condition has changed so as to make it impossible or unreasonable to reemploy the veteran. The veteran: (a) shall be considered as having been on leave of absence during his time in service; (b) shall not lose his seniority (c) shall not lose out on insurance or other benefits; (d) Shall not be discharged from his position without cause within a year after his restoration. The veteran shall not be required to meet higher standards than he did before he left the job. The intention of the act is that the veteran shall be given opportunity to reestablish his skill without penalty. “Union membership or other conditions not enumerated in the law may not be required of a veteran as a prerequisite to his reinstatement.”

Oroville Mercury October 1958

U. S. Missile Units Readied On Formosa
First Launcher Is In Place
By Al Kaff
Taipei, Formosa (UPI)- The U. S. Army’s 2nd Missile Battalion installed its first launcher today and began assembling the first launcher today and began assembling the first of its potentially atomic Nike-Hercules missiles. Earlier today, Gen. Peng Mengchi, commander of the Chinese Nationalist army, had declared that the delivery of additional U. S. weapons to Quemony helped the Nationalists win the first round of the battle for the offshore island.

From and editorial by Dan Bebee
Red Experiment At Quemoy Too Expensive
Too expensive, and unsuccessful. That is a summation of the attempt by the Chinese Communists to frighten us away from Quemoy and Matsu off the China port of Amory. The bombardment of Quemoy cost them more than $30 million, and the loss of from 34 to 45 MIGs cost them as much again, or more, plus loss of prestige. It got them nothing except the realization that Quemoy is a very tough nut to crack, and that the Nationalist Chinese, flying American fighter planes armed with Sidewinders, are far superior.

Stu’s Notes: Another one of Dan Bebee’s well written editorials. Sadly a few years later China backed North Vietnam in its fight to take over South Vietnam and prevailed and Oroville and Butte County lost so many young men, fighting for another countries freedom. That’s why I did the Quemoy (now Taiwan) story as it did effect us.
Lynn and I were recently invited by Post 95 and Auxiliary, to the American Legion, Boy State and Girl State Dinner honoring the Las Plumas and Oroville High School’s students who attended this years event this summer. The students who attended this year and were at the dinner were Anna Simas from Oroville High School, Devin Collins, Caleb Bronson and Pilar Huerta all from Las Plumas High School. These students went to our State Capital and participated in learning first hand how government works. I am writing a special article about this and hope to get it in the Mercury soon. I hope our returning Veterans still get these rights and more. Two Marines in one family, the parents must have been very proud of them.