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October 24, 2008

Oroville Mercury Register
December 23, 1943

Dunn Cartoon Gives Tips To Many Soldiers
Many of the men of the second air force covering much of the northwest may owe their lives in this war to a “wrong-way” gremlin from the pen of John Dunn. The gremlin, drawn by the Oroville service man, illustrates how not to put on a gas mask. His antics will become “required study” for men in air force units throughout much of the United States. The gremlin goes through his how-not-to-do-it routine by the side of photograph showing the correct way to put on a mask, illustrated by a soldier. The gremlin has a difficult time of it before he passes out from the gas fumes. The assignment to draw the gremlin and a promotion from corporal to sergeant came as double recognition for Dunn, who already is widely known to service men throughout the United States for his army comic strip, Col. Wrightflank. The strip, now in continuity, started in the Geiger Journal, official newspaper of Geigher Field, Wash., where Dunn is on duty in the public relations office. Later it was obtained by the Army Times, it which is a regular feature. The Journal recently received a certificate of achievement as one of the best composed army newspapers. Dunn is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Dunn of Park Avenue.

Cannery Dance
Sat., Sept. 25th at EL MEDO Community Club Hall
(West Elgin St., 11/2 miles south of Oroville on Palermo Road.)
Good Music
Admission 50c ‘Till 9:30 75c after 9:30
Ladies Free
Service Men 50c
Dancing 9 to 2
Air Cooled Now!

Every day INVASION battles are taking the lives of gallant boys fighting under the Stars and Stripes. Your dear ones –sons, husband, sweetheart, father, brothers, relatives and friends- are, or soon may be, engaged in those bloody battles where the scythe of the Grim Reaper flashes in every volley of the guns. The 3rd War Loan of 15 billion dollars must pay for the equipment, ammunition and food our boys need so desperately- and you must raise the money! Buy at least one EXTRA $100 War Bond in September besides your regular bond purchases. Go all out with every dollar you can scrape up and keep right on slapping every cent into the world’s safest investment-War Bonds! Make the 3rd War Loan a quick success – back up your soldier, sailor or marine ALL THE WAY ! Back the attack with war bonds. Johnson & Openshaw Meat Markets at 1855 Montgomery, phone 179, Walsh & Ricketts Phone 185 and Kilpatric’s Phone 85.

Soroptimists To Hear Lt. W. S. Mink
Lt. W. E. Mink, commanding officer of the 363rd Fighter Squadron, stationed at Oroville Airdrome, will be guest speaker at the regular luncheon meeting of Soroptimists, Tuesday noon at Oroville Inn. Lt. Mink has seen service in the Aleutians and the South Pacific.

That phrase has been used a lot this year and as a result farmers are harvesting record food crops. These crops are as important to the success of the war as the planes, tanks and guns that come from the factories. Our armed forces must eat. We civilians must eat. Our Allies must eat and the people in Axis freed countries need our food. U. S. Farmers are performing a Herculean task but all their work will be for naught unless the have the manpower to harvest their crops. A critical harvest period is just ahead of us in Butte County. Tomatoes, rice and olives are reaching maturity at about the same time which will result in an unprecedented demand for labor. If you can spare any time from your regular task, see the local Farm Placement Officer now. Don’t let our farmers down. Register for work at 1689 Robinson Street, Oroville. Your Friendly Red and White Stores, Walsh and Ricketts, Vaughn’s Red and White Store.

If your automobile is not in actual use…Don’t put it in storage. Convert that idle car into ready..Cash Now. We want your car. We are paying top prices. We need good cars… We’ll pay more to get them. We have an immediate demand for cars in vital transportation.
DON HOBBIE Chevrolet and Buick Parts and Service 2120 Montgomery Street Phone 94.

Stu’s Notes: Remember the upcoming Oroville’s Veterans Day Parade on November 11th at 11:00AM. We hope to have more information on it soon. We’ve had some pretty good little parades down Montgomery street in the past. Remember our young men and women are in a war and dying, show your support. In these trying times it is time to get back to some old fashion Patriotism. I want to thank Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee member Bob White for sending me those most patriotic emails. They make my day.
Sgt. Dunn’s Cartoon reminds me of the Sad Sack Art we have here in Butte County. Stan Starky and others (yours truly had a hand in saving it along with Bob Beeler long ago) are keeping up the fight. I truly think Americans need a good dose of Patriotism. Thank you 363rd Fighter Squadron, Oroville’s Own, for a while.