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June 29, 2007

Oroville Mercury Register October 12, 1945

Lt. Ralph Bolt Goes Back For More Military Duty
Lt. Ralph Bolt is en route to Santa Ana where he will report Monday for new assignment. He had been here on 40-day leave following his return from overseas. Pilot of a Liberator Bomber, Bolt was awarded the Air Medal for meritorious achievement in flights in the southwest Pacific. He has enough points for discharge but plans to remain in service for an additional six months or a year. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Bolt of Linden avenue.

“Some Gave All”

Aviation Cadet Dies In Crash
Aviation Cadet Richard S. McLaughlin, 20, of the Chico Army Airfield, was killed at 8:30a.m. today when his training plane went into a nose dive and crashed 2 miles southwest of Hamilton City. McLaughlin, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Noble H. McLaughlin, of Alsey, Ill., was on a routine training flight when the accident occurred. His plane fell on the property of R. C. Williams. Donald Beeman of the Golden States farms, who was on his way into Hamilton City, saw the plane crash. He told R. C. Steele, Enterprise agent, who notified the Chico paper. First news of the tragedy reached the Chico Army Field when the newspaper telephoned the news there. The army crash truck arrived at the wrecked plane at 9:25 a.m. McLaughlin’s body was taken to the Nugent Funeral Home at Chico.

June 14, 1944, Oroville Mercury Register
Chico Soldier Dies In Air Collision
Sgt. Carl Bigham of Chico was killed in an air collision over Europe last week, according to a telegram received from the war department by his mother, Mrs. Elva Bigham. Bigham was a former employee of the Chico Record. He had been overseas only slightly less than a month.

July 6, 1944 Oroville Mercury Register
Chico Boy Killed In Italy on May 30
Word that their son, Clemon C. Ryan, a technical sergeant, was killed in Italy May 30, was received Wednesday by Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ryan.

Oroville Mercury Register November 17, 1945
5 contestants for Oroville Victory Queen in Bond Drive
There are five candidates for Victory Queen of Oroville in the eight and final nationwide war bond drive. They are Nodeene Porter, Ione Anderson, Marion Filter, Mary Lou Hocking and Bettie Wallace. Voting ballots are given to all bond buyers by local issuing agents. One vote for each $18.75 worth of victory bonds purchased is given to the contestant of the purchaser’s choice. The contest ends Saturday, Dec. 1.

This is an official U. S. Treasury advertisement-prepared under auspices of Treasury Department and War Advertising Council
“How much does the Purple Heart cost? It’s not just the initial cost, you see It’s the upkeep. It costs billions, first, to mobilize the sulfa, the morphine, the plasma that went to war… those ingredients of mercy that relaxed death’s clutch on hundreds of thousands of wounded. Your War Bonds helped provide them. Now the army of the legless, the armless, the sightless is on the road back. They’re one of war’s bleakest heritages, and to a man they’re our responsibility. That’s one reason our country is asking us – and for the last time (Following the Victory Loan, the sale of E, F, and G U. S. Savings Bonds will continue through regular authorization agencies and through the Payroll Savings Plan.)- to invest in extra Bonds. In Victory Bonds this time – not War Bonds. Again it isn’t a question of giving – but of lending. For your Victory Bonds will pay off exactly as your War Bonds will. So Buy extra Victory Bonds – and hold them! For the last time, America…buy Extra Bonds! Burton & King Shoes, 1949 Montgomery, Telephone 459.

Stu’s Notes: A young man comes to our county training to fight for us and he dies for us, the least we can do is to remember him here and we will. Four brave young cadets died flying out of Oroville Airdrome. I don’t know yet how many flying out of Chico died, but we will find our. Not much in the Oroville Mercury of that day about those who died from other town’s just a few miles away. What you read is all that was printed. No follow up story ever.