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April 13, 2007
Oroville Mercury
Pvt. Clyde Keenan,19, of Oroville has found plenty of cold weather and mud in Germany where he is with a U. S. Army engineering outfit. In letters to his relatives here he indicates that he prefers the Oroville sunshine. Keenan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Keenan of Quincy Road. He has two brothers and two sisters, Mike, Terry, Avis and Gail. He has been in the service two years, having enlisted while still a junior at the local high school. At school he was active in track events.

Pvt. Richard K. (Dick) Stenberg of the U. S. Marine Corps was home recently on a furlough after completing boot training at San Diego. He is now stationed at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside. Stenberg was a student at Oroville High School when he was called into the service Dec. 8, 1944. He is taking advantage of an opportunity to finish his high school course while in the service and will receive his diploma through the Marine Corps. Immediately after induction, he was made a squad leader has served in that capacity all through boot training. Mrs. C. M. Blackwell of Arbol Avenue is his mother.

More from “Recollections From Army Days” by Robert C. Brooks
Chester Tanke, John Durandetto and I dug an emplacement for a machine gun. Tanke did most of the digging. Durandetto and I were pretty much exhausted. Visibility was spotty – clouds, mist, and snow blowing. Peter Spotted Wolf and Melvin Ricketts of the Recon Platoon had set up a listening post about a football field length out ahead of us. They had run a telephone wire back to their C.P. We knew where they were, but others from another unit some distance away didn’t. We knew where they were, but others from another unit some distance away didn’t. Someone there spotted movement and began firing. In an instant Tanke jumped out shouting to stop firing – “They’re our men!” Peter Spotted Wolf carried and dragged Rickets back toward our position – Rickets had been hit in the head, not fatally as we learned later. During that time Medics came up and took Ricketts. It seemed like a short time, but I guess it all happened in about an hour. I was surprised how fast things happened, and how fast Tanke moved. He was usually very slow and quiet, through big and strong.

Stu’s Notes: I hope to see everyone out on Saturday, April 14th at “Prom Night” It is a second chance Junior-Senior Prom, Sponsored by: VFW Ladies Auxiliary Posts 1747 and 9602. From 7:00 to 10:00pm at the Veterans Memorial Hall, 2374 Montgomery St. The tickets are $10 each, donation. The Attire; formal (what you wore then, what you would have worn, or what your parents wouldn’t let you wear). So dust off those party clothes, put on your dancing shoes and please join us for hors d oeuvres and dance to the tunes of our local DJ Jim Mangus. Drinks will be available. Contact Donna Marikas 589-4786 or Sherry Morehouse 532-7948.

As many of you know our Web site, thanks to Daryl Autrey, reaches out all over the world. We recently received an interesting email from Reggie Mays, his father Gilmer Mays, was mentioned in this column a while back. He was in the War with Bob Brooks. Now thanks to the Oroville Mercury and our web site, they will get in contact with each other.

On Tuesday, April 10th we, the Veterans Memorial committee group heard at the Supervisor’s meeting, thanks to Bill Connelly having us on the Agenda, that the County and City maybe even the State will get together and iron out the difficulties of acquiring the property we need. The money is there, it just needs to be found and put in the right place.