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November 2, 2007
Company H Home From Camp With Experience And Best Mess Award
Forty-five members of Oroville National Guard Company H have returned from Camp Hunter Liggett near King City, where they took part in the two-week field exercises of the California’s 49th Division. Capt. Robert M. Hall, commander of the local company, said that the purpose of this year’s encampment was to give the 7000 members of the division training in the field. It was the division’s first encampment in the field since World War II, yet the lowest sick rate in the division’s history was recorded, he said. Hall said his heavy weapons company took part in several firing problems, using 75-millimeter recoilless rifles, 81 millimeter mortars, the new 3.5 inch bazookas and .30 caliber heavy machineguns. The communications platoon, under Sgt. David McKim, took part in the problems by maintaining radio communication between troops in the field and battalion headquarters. The platoon firing the recoilless rifles, under Cadet Officer Jack Conner Jr. and Platoon Sgt. Ed Blum, received the highest score in the regiment, and the .30 caliber machinegun platoon, under Lt. John Brown and Platoon Sgt. Arthur DeVol, was selected for three firing demonstrations because of high scores registered during firing problems, Hall said. “And I certainly was proud of our new mess sergeant, Bob Krause,’ Hall said. The company’s kitchen was inspected by teams from the Pentagon and Sixth Army headquarters and was highly commended and received not a single “gig” from either team. “First time I ever heard of such an excellent record,” Hall said. Krause’s kitchen tent also received an award for being the best in the regiment.
“Aggressor forces” wearing dark green uniforms with ridges down the center of their helmets were a part of this year’s encampment. 49th Division troops, some from Co. H, were used as enemy troops, taking part in ground attacks-some of them of the “surprise” nature- and dropping leaflets and “flour sack” bombs from liaison planes. Other officers and sergeant making the trip from Oroville were First Lt. Gerald Davis, Cadet Officer Bob Lowman, First Sgt. Harry Gleason, Supply Sgt. Frank Walburn, Platoon Sgt, Don Kent and Transportation Sgt. Bill Reeves. Hall said today his company is below strength and needs more men. Any man between the ages of 17 and 35 is eligible to join, he said. Men joining before they are 18½ receive draft deferment as long as they remain members of the guard, he said. The local company holds drill each Monday from 7:45-10:15 p.m. in Municipal Auditorium. Hall said the guard’s new service center near the corner of Third and Pomona avenue is nearly ready for use. It will service all guard vehicles in northern California including the new hydramatic 2½ ton trucks and jeeps that drive under water that are to be received here soon.

Stu’s Notes: Lynn and I knew Frank Walburn and his family. He was proud to have served his country. The Oroville National Guard has been serving our country and Community for a long time. They are always ready to go anywhere in War and Peace. We owe them all the support we of Oroville can give them. Girl State and Boy State. The American Legion has been sending Students from Oroville and Las Plumas High schools to this for over 50 years. They send them to Sacramento to learn how our government works. High School students come together from all over California. This year Nathan Giordano of Oroville took top honors, winning a $20,000 Scholarship. The 1st ever for Oroville. Others from Oroville that went were Ashley Van Buren, True Lee, Austin Roughton, Nick Carrico and Mathew Fridrich. Bernice Hughes was in charge of the girls and Ron Scharbor was in charge of the Boys. Judges for the Girls Helen J. Thompson and Sherry Morehouse. This Program in Sacramento is not only fun for those attending but it takes a lot of hard work. They form their own governments for City, County and State officers. They run for office, campaign, take bar exams and also run for Judgeships. It is a great experience for any young person interested in running for office one day or working for the government in any way. We hope to have a good turn out for our Veterans Day Parade on Sunday, November 11, at 11:00a m.