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October 19, 2007
Continuing with the names of those who died or were missing in action in Vietnam, names taken from Vietnam Veterans Memorial Directory of Names, a 2- inch thick Green Book that I Bought on my 2nd trip to the Vietnam Wall in Washington D. C. 6 years ago “Some Gave All” Vietnam War 1959-1975 Spec.4 Gilbert Nolan Smith AR April 1, 1940 – March 19, 1967- Durham CA 16E 116, Pfc. Liam Soueph Casey MC Jan 12,Paradise, CA 17E 91, SSGT John Robert Admas AR July 31, 1946, Nov. 18, 1967, Chico, CA 29E 46. Pfc. Dale Glenn Sievers Jr. AR Sept. 16, 1940-Sept. 18, 1967, Oroville, CA 26E 90.

Oroville Mercury Register
May 27, 1952
News From Oroville Men In The Service
Pfc. Gene Irick, USMC, son of Mrs. C. E. Stevins, Route 4, Oroville, is home on his 10 day leave from Marine Corps Recruit Depot. At the end of his leave, he will report to the El Toro Marine Air Station at Santa Ana, Calif. There he will do construction work, according to M/SGT. J. W. Hones local Marine Corps Recruiter. Irick was a recent student of Oroville Union High School, where he played football on the B squad. Joe Huff, son of Mrs. Elva Huff of Route 2, is stationed with the Navy in Seattle and is awaiting orders for overseas assignment. He is a former student at Oroville Union High School and enlisted in the Navy in October, 1951. He is the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. George Spencer of Woodleaf Star Route.

Oroville Mercury Register
May 28, 1952
Oroville GI Decorated - A Bronze Star Medal for heroism in action is shown being presented to Sgt. Vincent V. Davis, of B Street, Oroville, by his regimental commander, Col. Richard A. Risden, during ceremonies in Korea. Davis a wireman in Headquarters Company, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th division, was cited for working two hours in the midst of an enemy artillery barrage to repair broken telephone cables. A graduate of Oroville Union High School, he has been in the Army 16 months and in Korea since last August.

Oroville- Mercury
June 26, 1952
Admiral Enrolled In OUHS Class
Probably the most distinguished student at Oroville Union High School is Rear Admiral C. O. Taff. Admiral Taff, who turned to agriculture following retirement from the Navy in 1949, is enrolled in the school’s vocational on-farm training program under the G. I. Bill. The classes, taught by Wilbur Moore, meet on Monday and Thursday evenings at the high school and Moore gives individual attention to each student on his farm. The enrollment currently stands at 13, and will taper off during the year as students use up their G.I. Bill entitlements.

Oroville Mercury
August 6, 1952
Editorial by Dan L. Beebe
Atom Anniversary
While the others are decrying the atomic bomb allow us to speak a word in its favor. Up to date it has acted as a check upon Russia. If we had not had the bomb Russia probably would have moved in on Europe and now we would be engaged in a third world war. This seems to be the general conclusion, for Russia had the land armies and the planes for the job. No one can be sure, but it seems possible that the potentialities of the atomic bomb will end world-wide wars. What nation will want now to go all out to conquer the world and run the chance of being demolished in the process? Poison gas was too bad to be used in the Second World War. Germ warfare seems to be outlawed by common consent. Both would be used, however, if a nation saw them as its last chance to survive. If they are too bad to use, think what a deterrent on war the atom bomb will be! Civilization has tried for many years to outlaw war but has failed dismally. Seems the only way to do it is to make war too terrible to be used. The atom bomb and its big sister, the hydrogen bomb may accomplish this. So on this seventh anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima do not lose hope.

Stu’s Notes; I think Pfc. Dale Sievers Jr. lived elsewhere in Butte county, but signed up in Oroville. Think about that AT&T, can you imagine working on the telephone lines with shells going off all around you. What a brave young Oroville man, Sgt. Vincent Davis. Was Dan right or wrong? That is debatable to this day. I do believe the Russian’s wanted to rule the world in those days and would of if they could of. There are so many people to thank for our recent Fund raiser, the Motor Cycle Rally sponsored by Feather Falls Casino, so just a big thank you to all and to Clara Chestnut who put it together for us. I am on the Veterans Day Parade Committee, it will be Sunday, November 11 down Montgomery Street at 11AM. The Oroville National Guard will be the Grand Marshals. So please come out to honor them, soon they are headed for Iraq again..