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July 7, 2006
Oroville Mercury Register, Monday, August 21, 1950

Everett Karr Goes to Fort Ord for Training
Everett M. Karr, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Karr of Route 2, Oroville, has arrived at Fort Ord for 14 weeks of basic training with the Fourth Infantry Division, it was learned here today. Karr, who attended Oroville Union High School, will be selected for permanent assignment or for further specialist training after he completes his training, the Army announced.(Pictured here Everett “Cotton” Karr and sister JoAnn)

Oroville Mercury Register January 25, 1952

Butte Man, Killed In Korea, Is Buried
Oroville, Butte Co., Jan. 25
Funeral services were held this afternoon for Corporal Everett M. Karr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Karr of Thermalito. Interment was in Memorial Park. Corporal Karr was killed in a gun explosion while he was serving in Korea with the artillery. He died October 16th and was awarded a purple heart posthumously. He had been a student in the Oroville Union High School before he enlisted in the army.

From the scrapbook of Mrs. Gilbert February 1943

The silver cross patee, or marksman badge is a familiar sight on the chests of army men since all members of the armed forces are expected to qualify for it. However, the fact that it has been won by a great number of soldiers does not indicate that the skill necessary to qualify for it, is minor. The badge itself is given to those qualifying as “Marksman”, the badge with a bulls eye superimposed is for the higher degree of skill displayed by a sharpshooter and the smaller cross encircled by a wreath, is presented for the greatest degree of proficiency- that of “expert”. 2nd Lt. Thomas J. Corkin, son Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Corkin, American Farms, Oroville, Calif., qualified as “sharpshooter” in the use of the 45 caliber pistol recently. Corking is stationed at the Rapid City Army Air Base for heavy bombardment combat training.

Mervin E. Leonard, 19, son of Mrs. And Mrs. F. M. Leonard, Route 3, Oroville, was recently graduated from the naval training school at Naval Air Technical Training Center in Chicago, Ill., where he successfully completed a course in diesel engines, and was advanced to Fireman, second class. He was selected for diesel training as a result of aptitude test scores made during his recruit training. Leonard received fundamental instruction in the operation and maintenance of internal combustion engines and their auxiliaries.

Pfc. Frank L. Cadek sends word to the Mercury that he has been transferred to Camp Bowie, Texas. He writes, “Two of us here read the same paper, as I am from Biggs and Charlie Nelson, from Richvale. We sure enjoy reading about the news back home”.

Stu’s Notes: Corporal Everett “Cotton” Karr was a proud soldier who fought for his country so long ago in Korea. Shortly before he died he wrote home that we would soon be made a sergeant and could send more money home to buy his first car. In those days cars were not a necessity, as kids of today believe. We rode bicycles and bummed rides. He grew up in Oroville going to Burbank, Bird Street and Oroville High School he was from the class of ’51, but enlisted in the Army. From talking to his sisters, Nancy Karr Wilson and Lucy Karr Barnes, I get the impression that he was like many of the other kids of those days ready for fun, but also worked for what they got. What sets him apart is he went to fight for his country and gave his life so that others may be free. Other relatives still in Oroville are his brother Bill Karr and sister JoAnn Karr McCourry, nephews Dick and Frank Belser. I remember Billy Karr, a little older than me and quite a dare devil. My brother Larry and I remember him falling into the deepest dredger pond in Oroville. Most kids would not go any where near it. It is gone now. Their mother Mary was a long time member and president of the Gold Star Mothers, a Nation wide group of Mothers who lost their sons in the wars, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.
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