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July 14, 2006
Oroville Mercury Register, September 18, 1943

Henry G. and Herman J. Schierenberg will return to Farragut, Ida., on Sept. 20 after spending a 15-day furlough with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Schierenberg, Pine Street, Oroville. The twin sailors, holding 2nd class seamen ratings after completing boot camp training, will get new orders at Farragut. The orders may mean their first separation since birth as new naval regulations do not allow close kin to serve on the same ship. Both boys praised the Navy highly. Both hoped they would be assigned to the Navy’s signal corps. They entered the service July 8 on completing high school studies in Oroville. The two have seldom been seen apart on Oroville’s streets.

Michael C. McDonnell, son of Michael McDonnell, of Los Gatos, and Mrs. E. McDonnell, of Oroville, was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army Air Force, August 30 at Foster Fields, Texas. Attending the graduation ceremony was Miss Eileen McDonnell, of Oroville, sister of the newly commissioned officer and McDonnell, senior. Lt. McDonnell is stationed at Foster Fields pending further orders.

Captain Frederick Preston of the Army Signal Corps is on special duty at Washington, D. C., following a year’s service in Porto Rico. Captain Preston is a graduate of the Oroville High School. He is the son of Fred W. Preston, trainmaster and dispatcher for the Feather River Railroad Co., at Feather Falls.

Pvt. Carlos Eugene (Gene) Casagrande, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Casagrande of Robinson Street, joined the U. S. Marines last April and is now studying radar and radio in the Marine Aviation Corps at Grove City College, Pennsylvania. Casagrande received his “boot camp” training at San Diego and then attended Wright College in Chicago for two months. He is a graduate of the Oroville High School class of ’42. While a student there he was athletic manager for four years and was prominent in basketball. Following his graduation from high school he was employed at the Mercury-Register and later at the Oroville Press. Casagrande writes that he likes Pennsylvania, that the climate there now is just like California’s. He also writes of seeing Secretary of Navy Knox while being at Grove City.

Pvt. Louis A. Wyman, son of W. I. Wyman of Forbestown, is now stationed at the Headquarters Replacement training center, Fort Knox, Ky. Soldier Wyman attended high school at Auburn, Calif. He was later employed by the Sills Bros. lumber company and served as a logging caterpillar operator for several years in the Forbestown vicinity.

Master Sergeant Clarence R. Dresser of the U. S. Army Air Corp, has left for a Florida station , after a short furlough here with his brother Bill Cory and family of Madrone Ave. Dresser was born and reared in Oroville. He has been in the Air Corp for 11 years. He spent 14 months in Alaska, saw service in the Aleutians and was present at the attack on Attu. Dresser says “There is no other life to compare with the army,” and expects to make it a life profession.

Stu’s Notes: On Wednesday, July 19th we will be sending out close to 7,000 packets for our All-Class, All High Schools of Oroville reunion, October 13th and 14th. Several of our Oroville Veterans Memorial Committee members are on this committee. It is chaired by long ago graduates,(well not as long ago as me), Nancy 534-0942 and Kaye 533-2363. This will be Oroville’s biggest reunion ever of any kind. My friend Katie, O.H.S. class of 1926 is looking forward to coming. Great-grand parents, grandparents, parents and children of one family can come to the same reunion. The reunion committee has been very gracious in supporting Oroville’s Veterans Memorial with this project. We will have our newly printed flyer, by Carmen Hironimus Consulting, at a very special discount rate, thanks Carmen, included in the packet. I have been talking to several contractors and labor leaders we hope to build the memorial with all donated labor and as much donated material as possible. Most of us remember the Sullivan Brothers, five navy brothers who all went down on one ship. They gave up their lives to save their shipmates. No mother should lose all her sons, a good reason to split up brothers in all our services.