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April 21, 2006
Oroville Mercury Register September 30, 1944

Dan Mullins, 13, Dies in Nevada
Daniel Q. Mullins, 13, son of Daniel P. Mullins of Oroville, died at the Indian school at Stewart, Nev., Wednesday from injuries received a year ago when he was burned by chemicals. The youth had been confined to a hospital at the school since the accident, in which an instructor, Mullins and another student were injured. A half-brother, Buddy Stoney, a paratrooper, was killed in action in France only recently. Word of his death was received several days ago by members of the family. The Mullins youth is survived by his father: a brother, Pat Mullins also a student at the Indian school: his grandfather, Frank Clark of Yankee Hill, and three half brothers, Clark Stoney, U. S. Navy: Jimmy Stoney, U. S. Army and Chick Stoney, U. S. Navy. Funeral arrangements are in charge of Hamilton and Riley.

Oroville Mercury August 1943
News About Thermalitans In Service
Ensign Robert (Bob) Bartley has been spending a two weeks furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Bartley, Twelfth Street, Thermalito. Bob received his commission April 23 when he was graduated from the naval training school connected with Northwestern University, Chicago Ill. He has already received his assignment and will report for duty soon. He leaves Monday for Chicago.

Donald (Jack) Bartley , who is a student in chemical engineering at University of California, was home over the weekend. He is in the Naval Reserves.

James (Jim) Forbes, who enlisted in the navy some time ago but who was not called until last month, has been stationed at Camp Peary, Va., and has been appointed master-at-arms over a large force of men. Forbes is a veteran of the first World War.

PVT. Vern Hunt is home on furlough from Seiman Field, La. He is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hunt, and other relatives and friends. He will leave by plane next Tuesday to return to camp.

Alfred (Mike) Wright who was inducted into the army last month has been assigned to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., for his basic training.

John Lindsay Begins Training at Farragut
(Farragut, Idaho)
Beginning his recruit training this week at Farragut, Naval Training Station is Floyd John Lindsay, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Lindsay, Rt 1, Oroville, Calif. During the weeks he is in training here, he will be taught military discipline, the fundamentals of seamanship, and undergo rigorous physical hardening. Upon completion of his training he will be given an opportunity to qualify for one of the navy’s several service schools, many of which are located at Farragut, for further training in a specialized trade.

Stu’s Notes: I just found this sad story on Daniel Q. Mullins and his half-brother Buddy Stoney. It still amazes me that after 5 years of research we still find people by hands on reading it in old newspapers, not from someone who remembers and could have told us. An old paper in my hands is like a treasure. I read almost everything in it. The story on Daniel dying doesn’t look like it would say anything about a soldier, but it sure did. Did Buddy ever live in the Oroville area? We hope to find out. Several of our committee members are local Native Americans. Founding member J. D. Smith and member Jeff Fields, along with founding member Bill Fox who is also Native American and who know what, from my home state of Pennsylvania. They hope to find more on Buddy. I think Bill’s family was in the Revolutionary War and fought on both sides in our civil war. When I read of someone being in two wars and like my Uncle Paul Shaner who was in 3 wars, I think wow did they ever serve their country above and beyond. I think our county should have a special medal for them. Four brothers in the war, that family went above and beyond.