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January 27, 2006
Oroville Mercury Register June 21, 1944

Recreation Center Schedules Big Dance
Another big dance will be held tonight at the Recreation Center with men of the Field Artillery units at Marysville and of the Wildcat Division there scheduled to travel here for the occasion. Oroville Airdrome and Chico Flying Field soldiers will also attend. Music will be furnished by L. A. Casagrande’s All-Star Orchestra. Dancing partners will be members of the Junior Hostess Corps and girls 16 years of age or over who have previously attended dances as members of the invitational group. A. L. Scott, director requested that girls attend the dance on time at 8:30 p. m.

9:30 P. M. Gala Bond Show on the Stage, Chico Army Air Field presents “Out of Bounds” 2 hours of hilarious entertainment. Admission by bond only! BONDS CAN BE PURCHASED AT POST OFFICE--BANKS THEATRE 50 ENTERTAINERS.

Miss Alice Parker of Oroville Inn received a newspaper clipping from the army newspaper Stars and Stripes containing an account of the Union hotel fire. The clipping was sent here by Pfc. E. A. Kinney in a medical teachment of an engineering corps, somewhere in England.

Buy your Bond and Go To Big Show At the State Tonight
Everything was in readiness today for the big war bond show, Out of Bounds, to be presented at the State theatre at 9:30 p.m. today for purchasers of war bonds during the current drive. The show, produced by Chico Army Air Field, will include comedy acts, music, singing and dancing. Besides the male participants, five girls are members of the bond show cast. They are Joanne Craft, Mildred Evans, Jean Compton, Helen Poore, Marietta Byrne and Dolores Culver. Fifty soldiers from the airfield will be in the production. War bonds may be purchased at Oroville banks, at the post office or at the theatre. Only persons who buy bonds during the current campaign are entitled to tickets. The show will start at 9:30 p.m., following the regular show, which is to end at 9:23 p.m.
“Ask the Joes in the front lines!” “…Ask that kid on the stretcher!” “…Ask those who bury our dead.”
“They know. Every G I. Joe knows “This is the Big show. This is the pay-off. This is the one that counts. “Sure, we’re going to take’em. But it’s going to cost us plenty…thousands and thousands of lives…billions and billions of dollars. “That’s the price we must pay for a decent world. – a world in which we and our children can live in peace. We G.I.’s will furnish the bodies. Will you furnish the dough?”
Back the Attack!- Buy More than Before
Nobody needs to tell you that the fighting in this war is reaching a crisis. But we’ve got to realize also that we face a similar crisis in financing the war. Make no mistake! The 5th War Loan is beyond question the biggest, most vitally important financial effort of this whole war! We can’t afford to fail. Now is the time for every American, soldier and civilian to go all-out.
Buy double the extra Bonds you bought last time!
This message contributed in the interest of the 5th War Loan by the Following Public-Spirited Professional Men and Women: Lawyers; Ernest Clewe, Albert M. King, Roy Wolfe, J. F. Good, John L Deahl Jr., Hubert I. Townshend, H. D. Gregory, Jack M. McPherson,(District Attorney), Dentists: Dr. John L Thompson, Dr. E. A. Steadman,. Optometrist Dr. A. T. Dietle. Halsteads Jewelers & Optometrist, Butte County Title Co., Oroville Title Co., Carl Shafer, Tax Consultant, John Caywood, Public Accountant, Oroville Curran Hospital, Dr. James Dodson, Chiropractor, Oroville Animal Hospital, Dr. Harry Snelbaker, Dr. E. A. Kusel, Dr. Concessa Craviotto, Dr. Raymond Kilduff, Dr. C. B. Griggs, Dr. Frank I. O’Neill, Dr. Frank M. Whiting, Real Estate & Insurance; Mrs. Clara Keener, A. W. Stormes, R. I. Pierce, U. M. Damon, Sutherland’s, Kitrick’s Insurance Agency, G. A. Dahlmeier, Real Estate, Fred R. Irwin, Druggist, Harlan’s Drug Store, Crystal Drug Store, Johnson’s Pharmacy, Walter Pancoast, Prop., Gaskin’s Drug Store, Carter’s Studio of Photography, Thomas Funeral Home, Hamilton & Riley.

Stu’s Notes: I think the reason our Union Hotel fire made the Stars and Stripes is the fact that young Pfc. Morris Tims was killed there. Please support Our Troops, remember we are at War. That’s about it for this week.