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July 22, 2005

Oroville Mercury February 10, 1944

8530 Pounds Of Tin Gathered By Elementary School Pupils
Children of the Oroville elementary schools have collected 8530 pounds of tin cans in a drive they conducted under the direction of their teachers and Superintendent Clarence Fylling, salvage director for Oroville. Fylling announced the total poundage today, saying that these drives will be continued one month, at the request of the state salvage organization, “which is very anxious to get more tin.” The school collections were: East Side, 1965 pounds; Burbank 2204 pounds; and Bird, 8530 pounds. Four boys of the Burbank school collected 714 pounds and average of 178 per boy. They were Dale Duley, Ronald Turner, Donald Lawson and Donald Meyer. At the East Side School, Shirley Becker collected 175 pounds, Royne McGinnis 145, Richard Turner 116, and Virginia Randolph 115. The 8th grade class of Mrs. Ellen Jones at Bird average 35 pounds of tin cans per pupil. Three girls of that school, Beverly McKillop, Anna May Henry and Joyce Fylling, collected 402 pounds, working together. Jack Kemper with 155 pounds topped the list at Bird. Others there, collecting large quantities, were Mervin Cannon, 132 and Donald Frazier, 138 pounds. Residents are asked to continue to take their tin cans to the grocery stores, from which they will be collected. The difficulty in getting cars for the tin has been solved, Fylling said, by pooling Oroville’s cans with those of Chico. Collection difficulties also have been ironed out he said.

Pvt. Lucy G. Prado of the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve, recently completed her “boot” training at Camp Lejeune, New River, N. C. and was assigned to duty with the rifle range detail at the Marine Corps base in San Diego She was among the first group of women to be assigned to that base. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Prado, Pvt Prado is a graduate of Oroville Union high school class of ’39. Until her enlistment last September she was employed by the state criminal investigation department at Sacramento. Her brother, Cpl. Luis Prado is serving overseas in the army. Pvt. Prado last visited here during the Christmas holidays.

Cpl. Joe La Voy and Cpl. James (Red) West , formerly of Oroville and now of the U. S. Army, recently got together again on one of the Aleutian Islands after an absence from each other of nearly two years. The two young men entered the army together and took their basic training together at Camp Wolters, Texas. La Voy was then stationed in the Aleutians and West at the Presidio of San Francisco. Later West was sent to the Aleutians and at the time of the invasion of Kiska, both men were on the same island. Each knew the other was there but they were unable to arrange a meeting. They corresponded and a short time ago Cpl. West, en-route to a new station, was given a 7-day stopover on La Voy’s island. West made a 7 mile hike to have the reunion with his friend and the two had a great time talking over the home town and their experiences since they entered the army. The wives of La Voy and West are cousins. Mrs. La Voy is the former Laura Dickenson and Mrs. West, the former Mildred Richter. La Voy is the son of Mrs. Joe La Voy of Oroville. West is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. West of Washington, formerly of Oroville.

Stu’s notes:
Tin cans; I grew up with them they were harder than the cans of today. They would stick to your American made tennis shoes for miles as we walked around Thermalito. No T. V.’s, computers etc. Then a kid could go to a movie for 20 cents under 12 or 50 cents over 12 and see two full-length movies, a cartoon, a serial (Flash Gordon etc.) and a newsreel and you could watch it all twice or more. We had real fun. During WWII the whole community got involved supporting the troops and the war effort. I wrote about Marine Lucy Prado in the past, nobody seems to remember her.
Our committee is always open to new members one of our most recent couples to join us is Jan Robertson and Bill Pliler. Jan lost her father in WWII, Pvt. Carl Robertson an Oroville man who I will soon write about. If you are interested in joining us, please come, we meet the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the Oroville Veterans Memorial Hall on Montgomery.