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June 10, 2005
Here are a couple of letters I have received.

April 6, 2004
Recently the class of 1941 Oroville Union High School Graduates had a 63rd reunion. Lucy Barnes requested that I mention the memorial in honor of Oroville Veterans was coming to fruition and if anyone could shed some light on these forgotten heroes that you would like to hear about them. Since at least 3 on your list were from the class of ’41, I thought I would bring it to your attention.
Leslie Bidwell U.S.N.
– afraid of nothing and the strongest boy I ever knew.
Walter Turk A.A.Corp-
died in a crash of a P39 in advanced training.
Alphie Worthy-
did not know him well- transferred to Oroville from Texas.

Other names I pick out of my scrapbook of Mercury Register clippings are:
Donald Powell
died in France 6 days after the invasion.
Ed Rabe
died at Anzio Beach head in Italy.
George Beard
died from anoxia while aboard a B17 flying fortress training mission.
Melvin Rowe
failed to return from a bombing mission in a B17 over Austria.
Arlin Rhine
KIA at Iwo.
Hubert Weidman
a Texan married to Nora M. Clover of Oroville; crashed in a P39.
I’m sure you have searched the Mercury Register papers as a source for War records. These are the only ones I have in my scrap-book. It would seem to me that veterans of wars who were not killed could use a little recognition.

Why not include in this memorial a listing in a book or some other way all of the Orovillians who were service connected. In my scrapbook I have record of the following: WWII Dick Parker-Class of 41, Herman Quintel-Class of 41, John Aicega (thought he was killed in training). Evan Hughes, Hal Dahlmeier- class of 41, George Atkin class of 41, Jerry Walker class of ’41, Ken Joy class of 37, Tip Rowe class of 41, John Boynton, David Painter class of ’41, Bob Strang, Ralph Bolt class of ’41, Elmer Beever class of 41, Don Vaughn, Larry Stram, Dick Hughes, Tom Corkin, Val Van Duzer, Allen McLain class of “41 Ross Huntington class of ’41, John Thomas class of ’41, Theron Edwards class of’41, Charles Bryson, George Gannon, Herman Rigmaiden, Pat O’Brien, Bettie Lou Basye, Charles Sunny, David Horn class of 42, Richard Joyce class of 39, Roy Moore class of ’30, Don Hocking class of ‘39 , Otis Mercer, Leon Steen, Bud Brown, Jack McKillop, Edwin Barnes class of 41, Gerald Barnes, Richard Barnes, James Shawgo, Harry Maeker, Earl Hawks, Harold Williams, Robert Swinney, class of ’41, Bruno Giovannoni, Charles Ravert class of ’41, Doug Countryman, Mike Aicega,Class of ’41, Glen Swinney, Norman Benson, Lyle Horn, Dick Fry, Vernon Bailey, Charles Warnock, Munson Everett, class of ’41, Eddie Watkins, class of’41, Bill Watkins, Dick Kingdon, Tut Taber, class of ’41, Harold Taber, Howard Casagrande, Lemor Rigmaiden, Ray Rigmaiden, Bill Dolan, Gordon Franklin class of ‘40, Daryl Porter, Jerry Huntington, Bob Stang and Roger Van Duzer.
Hope this is of some interest to you.
(signed) Al McLain.

Another letter, May 28, 2004:
With some concern over rumors of ill will toward Americans Tim and I joined the Static Live Tour group for two weeks as we followed the trail of Airborne Combat across Europe to observe the 60th anniversary of D. Day. Tim is one of the original paratroopers that made the jump June 6, 1944. We would like to tell everyone that from Brussels to Normandy we were welcomed royally by the local people on our route with memorial ceremonies, shared food and stories of hard times during the war and sincere gratitude for our troops in helping them reclaim their countries. The children along our route waved flags and sang the Star Spangled Banner in English for us. There was not one mean or ugly incident.
It was a trip we will remember, (signed) Tim and Leona Timmons . Tim’s outfit was ICO.501 Reg. 101st Airborn Division.

Stu’s notes: There will be a way to honor all those who served in our memorial wall.
Does anyone know the fate of John Aicega? Al failed to mention, Daryl Porter, at the end of his list, died in WWII. Daryl Porter Way is the road into Hewitt Park. I’m sorry that these letters are a year late, but I am so busy on our Veterans Memorial and all the things related to it I forget or misplace things. I really enjoy letters like Al’s and Leona and Tim’s. Please send any to Stu Shaner 1765 6
th Street Oroville, California 95965.
Please stop by our booth at the Senior Fair Saturday, June 11
th at Gold Country Casino from 9AM to 2PM. Also the first Concert in the Park will be on Thursday, June 16th at Sank Park at 7PM. Proceeds will benefit our memorial so come out and enjoy some good music.