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February 18, 2005
Oroville Mercury 1-19-45

Learn Son Is Missing
Lt. Howard King, 26, has been reported missing in action, according to a telegram received this morning by his parents Mr. and Mrs. C. C. King of Thermalito. Lt. King was squadron engineer in the lead plane of B-29 outfit in the Marianna Islands. King was graduated from Oroville in 1936. Prior to his enlistment as an aviation cadet in September, 1942, he worked as an electrical engineer for the P.G. & E at Caribou. He graduated as an aviation engineer from Yale University and was sent to Boeing Aircraft School at Seattle for specialized B-29 training. Later he was sent for more advanced training to Lowery Field in Denver. He arrived in the Mariannas in September 1944. Lt. King’s younger brother, Clayton, is in Arabia engaged in an oil project.

Oroville Mercury April 6, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. King of Thermalito today received official notification that their son, Lt. Howard King, had been killed in action Jan. 3, when his B-29 plane was shot down on Imo Jim. Lt. King had previously been reported missing in action during a flight, in which he was squadron engineer in the lead plane of the B-29 outfit.


Oroville Mercury April 9, 1945

Bangor Boy Dies On Iwo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Anderson of Oakland, formerly of Bangor, have been notified that the action, in which their son Donald gave his life March 3, took place on Iwo Jima. He was 23 years of age, a member of the Fourth Division United States Marine Corps. He was a graduate of Oroville High School class of 1939, and had lived in Bangor until 1941 when the family moved to Oakland. He had a wide circle of friends in Bangor and Oroville and on his last furlough, September, 1943 he visited here.

Oroville Mercury April 10, 1945

Tribute Paid To Donald Anderson
Solemn tribute was paid Friday night at the meeting of Wyandotte Grange to Donald Anderson, killed in action while serving his country in the South Pacific.

Stu’s Notes: My writing has brought me interesting visits with many people, recently I met Dennis Lindberg, a longIwo Jima Flag time Oroville resident and also of Biggs and Richvale. He brought me some treasured stories of some of the Heroes of this area. I will soon write about. He has also invited me to talk to his Farming Friends in Richvale. The Flag that is featured today is one of the most famous in the world, as you see it is flying on top of a mountain, a mountain and small island in the Pacific, where 6,000 of our Army, Navy and mostly Marines died. This is the flag that was erected by 6 men after the bloodiest fighting in Marine History. Three of whom were killed soon after the picture was taken. I doubt if there is anyone who hasn’t seen a picture of it. This picture was from Leroy Cartwright of Durham, who stood on that Mt., Mt. Suribachi, 60 years ago. Tomorrow, February 19, 2005, it will be 60 years since D-Day on Iwo, just a footnote in History, but to those who were there we must thank and always remember. So, I ask you tomorrow to pause a minute and reflect on how lucky we are to have those heroes, all of them, so long ago.
Last Monday night, Lynn, Nick and I attended the Air Force Band Concert at the State Theater, what a command performance, those few who left early missed the second half, which had many standing ovations. It was very patriotic. My friend Nick Krpan was getting worn out from so much up and down and twice again when all service men and women were honored twice. Nick served in Europe WWII and will be 90 in April. I especially liked the piece played to honor all those who GAVE ALL in service of our country. I thought this State Theater is probably one of the only buildings in Oroville that most of our over 100 men that died in our wars were in at one time or another. As it opened in 1928 and almost all went to the movies at least once or some other function held there.