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January 7, 2005
Oroville Mercury Register May 22, 1945

Leonard Campbell Becomes Major
Leonard N. Campbell recently received his promotion to the rank of major in the air corps. He has been acting as operations officer at Westover Field in Springfield, Mass. Enlisting in the army in July 1941, he went through cadet training and was sent to the Pacific area as a pilot. While in New Guinea, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross. His wife and young son, Steven, are living in Springfield. Major Campbell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Campbell of Spencer Ave.

Sgt. Bew Home For Ten-Day Furlough
Sgt. M. C. Bew, former local salesman for Globe Flour Company, arrived home last night on a ten day furlough from North Camp Wood, Tex. Bew’s wife, Rachel, deputy county clerk, and the couple’ s daughter will spend a vacation at their mountain cabin.

Gaylord Back With Local Funeral Home
William H. Gaylord, former chief pharmacist’s mate in the U. S. Navy, has resumed the management of the W. M. Thomas Funeral Home. Gaylord was honorable discharged from the navy May 10.

“5 May 1945, Italy
Dear Editor: I’m writing to thank you for the grand articles your paper has printed about my outfit and myself. It gives one such a warm and glorious feeling to know the people at home have kept you in their memories. For people, such as we have in Oroville, it makes an old veteran realize what we are fighting for, and the burden so much easier to bear. Thanking you again, I remain, 1st/Sgt. F. G. McFerrin.”

Mrs. Mitchell To Go To Meet Husband
Cpl. Raymond Mitchell is back in the United States after 28 months in the South Pacific. His wife, Kathryn, received a surprise telephone call from him Monday night from San Francisco. Mrs. Mitchell, a deputy in the county recorder’s office, plans to leave Thursday to join her husband for the return to Oroville.

Bill Providing F. R. Medal Passed
WASHINGTON U.P. The house passed and sent to the Senate today a bill to authorize President Truman to award a special medal of honor to the late President Roosevelt.

Stu’s Notes: I talked to Dr. Peter Hudson-Gibson who grew up in Oroville. He is still here after a long career serving our country. (see more about Peter in my November 19,2004 story.) He saw the exact spot that the plane crashed (in 1943) and said they used to pick up small pieces. It was to the left of Nelson Road, right after you cross the bridge (which wasn’t there then) Right left of where Nelson Road starts up, to go over, the Campbell Hills. If an army airforce man died there he should and will be honored in our little town. I grew up it Thermalito and played all over those hills and never heard this story. Peter also remembers fishing in Ruddy Creek, which was a live stream through Thermalito. It died when the Forebay cut off it’s headwaters. But that’s another story. New Years at the Eagles I met a man named Paul, who said the VFW Hall on Elgin 1747, needs a new oven so they can resume putting on dinners etc. They do a lot of benefits out there and are very much in need of an updated kitchen to continue. So if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. By the way as I wrote a few weeks ago the Ladies Auxiliary 1747 donated $2,500 to out Memorial. I’m sure some of that money came from meals prepared on their worn out oven.

On the special Medal of Honor for Franklin D. Roosevelt, I think he really deserved this medal. To my eyes he went ABOVE AND BEYOND for his country and died while commander in chief of all armed forces. This column has carried a couple articles of 1st Sgt. F. G. McFerrin in the past.