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November 4, 2005
Butte County News Published weekly from the Mercury Register office to supplement the service of that daily newspaper.

March 24, 1944

Continuing from last week
Armed Men Write To Old Tutor
J. C. Nisbet told of 5 former high school students known dead and two presumed dead; of 3 who are prisoners of war and 5 who have been decorated. The principal listed as Killed In Action the following: Kernick Smith- Africa; Howard Gould- Lexington; Leslie Bidwell- Pacific Theatre; Alphie Worthy- Tanker in Carribean; George Beard- Columbus, Ohio.
He gave three as prisoners of war (first names not available); Turner--Japan; Wixom-in Germany; Harold Wickman – in Japan.
Decorations have been awarded the following: Leonard Campbell, Harold Davis, Robert Campbell, Gene Hill, Arthur Wilson,, Tiny Levullett.
Teachers in the Service include George Wilson- U.S. Navy-Lt; Elwood Lang- U. S. Navy-Lt; Vestyns, Wilbur-Lt, jg; Arthur Bloom-N. W. Aftica-Lt, jg.; Henri Boussy-England-Lt. Air Corps; Tuton J. Anderson-England-Cpt. Air Corps; Ralph Conrad- Treasure Island- Radio T. 1/c; Charles Summy-Lt. Air Corps; Miller Landry- Lt. Tank Corps; George Hollidge- Turlock; Richard Nelson- Marines – Corpus Christi.

Nisbet listed the following former students of the high school as having been commissioned: Arthur Wilson, Major General; Alex Wilson Major Engineers; Bill Abrams Captain Marine; John Bell Captain Dental Corps; Howard Taylor, Major; Norman Devol, Stan Salzman, Ken Palmer, Harry Pyke, Ernest Dryden, Larry Pool, William Sweet, Donald Lund, Ernest Develter, Robert Campbell, Jack Daseler, Clyde Masteller, Warren Fowler, Morrow Steadman, Leon Clarke, Joe Cooper, King Roberts, Grinnell Burt, Raymond Leonard, Eugene Boehme, Jack Coale, Thurman Crawford, Don Weidmann, Charles Weidmann, Brandt Brereton, Howard Bloser, Leonard Campbell, Joe Felipe, Don Hefner, Earl Jacobes, Richard Kingdon, Bob Tieck, John Duensing, Clifford Hill, Robert Bartley, Don Taggart, Irving Maurice Taylor, Lloyd Van Dyle, William Dolan, Gordon Franklin, Oscar Hermann, Merle Taylor, Elmer Beaver, David Painter, Floyd Williams, Malcolm Kaiser.
Nisbet made it clear that there were many he did not have records for.

Twenty Five Years Ago (1945)
Earl Irving and Roy Snyder have returned to their homes here after receiving their honorable discharge from the army at an Eastern camp-both were corporals in the 164th Infantry and saw action in France.

Stu’s Notes: I recently talked to Betty Boyle Davis from a well know Oroville Pioneer Family. Her mother Florence Boyle Danforth recorded a big part of Oroville’s History; some she was part of. Her Father was a soldier in WWI you can see his Army collection at the Museum. Betty wrote for the Oroville Mercury while in High school in the 40’s. The Oroville Pioneer Museum owes much to this family. The Exhibits there are really something to behold. I urge everyone to see for your self. It is opened Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 4 PM. It is located on Montgomery St just west of the Veterans Memorial Hall. I could talk to Betty about Oroville’s history all day. She knows so much. She told me that Lucy Prado is still living but has lost contact with her, as her cousin that knew Lucy, has passed on. I wrote about Lucy (a Marine) July 22, 2005.
Many more than five Oroville High students died in WWII. Harold Wickman died of the terrible conditions in a Japanese prison camp in Japan. He is buried in our old cemetery up front on Marysville highway.

My family bought the Clyde Masteller Chicken Farm in Thermalito in 1946. I still live there. I don’t know the fate of POWs Turner and Wixom for sure. I’ve written about some of these men mentioned in Mr. Nisbet’s article. I know Leonard Campbell died in a B-17 mid air collision.
The boys of WWI from Oroville, we know so little about them. Many went to war, at least 5 died “Over There”. Almost all WWI have passed on, I know of none in Northern California.