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September 10, 2004
Oroville Mercury April 11, 1945, May 10, 1945

Lawrence Stram At San Diego Hospital
Lawrence Stram, third class Pharmacist's Mate in the Navy, has arrived at the naval hospital in San Diego, member of his family here learned today. Stram, who was shot in the upper right arm by a Japanese sniper while serving with the 5th Marine Division on Iwo Jima March 8, telephoned his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Stram of Vallejo, formerly of Oroville, that he expects to be transferred within a few weeks to a bay area hospital. He said his arm at present is paralyzed, but that improvement is expected soon.

Stram Seems Happy in Hospital
Lawrence Stram of Oroville, Pharmacist’s Mate 3/c, stops rummaging in his bedside locker for reading material long enough to direct a big smile at a friend. Stram is convalescing at the U. S. Naval Hospital in San Diego from an arm injury received at Iwo Jima. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Stram of Vallejo, formerly of Oroville.

Sunday, September 26th is Gold Star Mothers Day.

From the World Book Encyclopedia 1965 edition:
Gold Star Mothers, is an organization of women who lost their sons in World Wars I and II and the Korean conflict. It took its name from the custom of placing a gold star on a service flag in honor of a man killed in war. The organization has about 25,000 members. It was founded in 1928 and has its headquarters in Washington, D. C. HARRIETT. T. MASINCUPP.

GOLD STAR MOTHER’S DAY honors mothers who lost their sons in World War I and II and the Korean War. The American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., had requested Congress to authorize such a day. In 1936, Congress passed a resolution authorizing the President “to issue a proclamation calling upon the government officials to display the United States flag on all government buildings, and the people of the United States to display the flag and to hold appropriate meetings… as a public expression of the love, sorrow, and reverence of the people of the United States for the American Gold Star Mothers.” Each President since 1940 has designated the last Sunday in September for the observance of Gold Star Mother’s Day. RAYMOND HOYT JAHN

GOLD STAR WIVES OF AMERICA, INC., is an organization of widows of servicemen who died in service or from service-connected disabilities after dischare. Members meet for mutual understanding and helpfulness. Chapters have junior groups of the children of such servicemen. These members meet each year, with their mothers, at a national convention. The Gold Star Wives organization was founded in New York in 1945.

Stu’s notes:
Now that more and more women are going to War, I’m sure these clubs included those that died. Sad but the roll of the Gold Star Mothers has increased by 1,000 eligible members since the Invasion of Iraq. Oroville had a group of Gold Star Mothers before and after WW II, I don’t think they are active now. Oroville lost at lease 2 or 3 young men on Iwo Jima, that I know of. Lawrence Stram got “ The Million Dollar Wound” a trip home.
I have been receiving more calls on the POW/MIA bracelets. Committee member, Joan Lee is doing a great job finding out what happened to the soldiers.

Remember POW/MIA Recognition Day, candle light service, on the steps of the Veteran’s Memorial Building on Montgomery Street. Friday, September 17th at 6:300pm.