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June 4, 2004
Beachheads Taken in Normandy, Troops Penetrate 10 Miles Inland, Battle Reports Conflict, Paratroopers Catch Germans By Surprise.


Local Churches Open Doors To Day of Prayer
Doors of all Oroville churches were opened wide this morning to remain open throughout the day and evening and residents of the community were invited to enter at any hour for prayer and meditation. Chimes rang out and prayer hymns for worship were played from noon until 1 o’clock on the organ at the First Congregational Church. Similar music will sound there between the hours of 5 and 6 p. m. and from 7:30 p. m. throughout the evening. Prayer sheets will be given for guidance in their worship to all who enter the church. Special prayer services will be conducted at 7:30 p. m. at the Assembly of God Church. Special D-Day services, with an hour of prayer, will be held in St. Thomas Catholic Church at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. Father Patrick Donnelly announced. A mass to pray for success of the invasion will be held at 7:45 a. m. tomorrow, and the church will be open every day for private prayer.

Reno Bows To Invasion Reno, Nev.(U.P)
All of Reno’s gambling clubs closed their doors this morning out of respect to the invasion of Europe. None of the clubs boast of locks on doors. A watchman was posted inside each resort behind a large sign which read: “This club will remain closed until 6 p. m., out of respect to the men fighting and dying on the beaches of Europe.”

Paratroopers Seen By Ike By United Press
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme invasion commander, was just one of the boys when he visited spearhead paratroop units on invasion eve, Merrill Muller, CBS reported, said in a broadcast from London today. The general’s car would roll up and the black-faced paratroops would sneak a final chew on their gum, grin and snap to attention. He’s tell them to stand easy and move among them firing questions; “Where you from? What did you do in civilian life? How old are you? Are you a good shot with that rifle? What do you weigh? Who’s the toughest man in the battalion?” Invariable, Muller said, off in a corner of the field men would set up a shout for “Ike”. That’s what they’d call the generalissimo. He’d go over and spar with the men verbally, “giving the impression that guys who thought they were the best soldiers in the world,” Muller said.

Showing at the State Theatre “Cry, ‘Havoc’, and Rosie The Riveter”
One of the most interesting all feminine casts ever to appear in a single film has been assembled for “Cry ‘Havoc’.” The stirring filmization of the much talked about hit play, which plays tonight and Wednesday at the State. Margaret Sullivan returns to the screen in the coveted role of Smitty, the one registered nurse in the group of thirteen women who remained on Bataan in the last days. Ann Sothern and Joan Blondell are starred with her as volunteer workers. Fay Bainter is cast as Dr. Marsh and Connie Gilchrist as Sadie, the cook.

Moscow Happy Over Invasion MOSCOW (UP)
News of the Allied landing in France spread swiftly throughout Russia today and touched off enthusiastic demonstrations such as rarely have been seen since the war began. American war correspondents in Moscow were the first to break the news, and they were quickly surrounded by cheering crowds who rushed to shake their hands and offer congratulations.

Stu’s notes:
60 years since D-day. Last year I used articles from the Oroville Mercury Register, June 6, 1944. Here are more from the same paper. About the movie “Cry ‘Havoc’”, after the war a lady and her two daughters lived in Thermalito. As the story goes they were survivors of the Japanese Prison in the Philippines. I don’t know if they were on Bataan but I heard their father died in one of those prisons. Also in this paper and reported last year was the death of Pvt. Emery Guy Ledger, an Oroville Hero who volunteered to serve his country. He still has relatives in Oroville. I hope they can tell me more about Emery. The Russian, our “Friends” during the war, we helped them tremendously, turned on us soon after the War. Their country lost over 10 million soldiers to WWII. Thank you again Kathleen Hillman who did the research on O.M.R 1944.

Late breaking news!
The Oroville City Council tonight voted to be the lead agency and sponsor the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park. Thank you Council Members, City Administrator Sharon Atterberry and staff.