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April 9, 2004
Oroville Mercury Register April 13, and 25,1945

Washington, Apr. 13 – Following are the latest casualties in the military services, including next-of-kin.

ROOSEVELT, Franklin, D., Commander in Chief, wife Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the White House. Navy Dead DEAKER, Carlos Anthony, Fireman 1c. , the list goes on. (U.P.I.;Culver)
President Roosevelt Dies- Nation Mourns His Death President Franklin Delano Roosevelt whose sudden death yesterday shocked the nation. The funeral will be held tomorrow at the White House at 4 p. m., which is 1 p. m. local time. President Harry S. Truman of Missouri who until 6 o’clock last night was vice president. He took the oath of office within a few hours after the sudden death of his chief.

by Merriman Smith
Hyde Park, N. Y. (U.P.) The body of Franklin Delano Roosevelt rested today in the soil of a sunny rose garden on the family estate overlooking the Hudson river. A few minutes before 10 o’clock yesterday morning, a lone gun in a nearby field gave the first round of a 21-gun presidential salute. Forty-seven minutes later the simple services for the 31st president of the United States were over. Inside the garden, the late president’s aged aunt, Mrs. James R. Roosevelt, waited in a chair beside the grave. Planes flew across the procession, low on a straight course. A drum began a dirge. Three beats and a slow roll, three beats, slow roll, three beats, slow roll—endlessly. Behind the 76 year old Rev. W. George Anthony, stood Mrs. Roosevelt with a son, Brig. Gen. Elliott Roosevelt, on one side, and her daughter, Mrs. Anna Boetinger, on the other. Behind them stood her four daughters in law and her son in law, Col. John Boettinger. Behind them was another family – the nation’s official family, President Harry S. Truman, his assistants and heads of the armed forces. He then read the first verse of a hymn; “Now the labourer’s task is o’er…” At 10;46 the traditional three volleys were fired over the grave. A minute later, taps sounded softly through the garden.

Pictured here: Oroville Marine Member of Famed Second Division
Members of the famed Second Marine Division, these California Leathernecks were photographed at an advanced Pacific base. The man on the left in the front row is Cpl. Harris L. Countryman of Los Angeles, son of Mrs. Mamie Countryman of Myers Street, Oroville. Countryman formerly played with the Nebraska baseball league, one year with Rapid City. “Even if there is a war going on we still can play ball,” he wrote his mother. Recently he has been in a hospital at Honolulu, due to sinus trouble, but has been transferred back to his company.

Sgt. Deborah Shaner, Iraq
A phone call from Debbie from Kuwait. “We are here to pick up our replacements. We will take them to our Base Camp in Iraq. Should be home soon.”

Stu’s Notes: Debbie has been “in Country” over 11 months. It can be truly said that Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his life for his country. He died at his work at the age of 63, my age. He was a Hero to our country in my view. I’ve always thought this. The war surly shortened his life. In the World Book Encyclopedia it is written that in the speech he was writing to be broadcast on the 13th of April, he said, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.”
Today is my sister, Peggy’s birthday. Happy Birthday Peggy!