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February 13, 2004
Oroville Mercury April 18, 1945

The American Legion committee that is sponsoring the honor roll of all men and women in the armed forces said today that it is ready to have the names printed but realizes many have not yet been turned in. Relatives of those in the services should send the names and other data at once to Albert D’Amico. He wants the full name, address, rating, and branch of service. Unless relatives and friends act, the names of their men and women will not appear as those in the services are not prepared to act for themselves.

A colorful party honoring Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Marders on their 17th wedding anniversary was given at the Wagon Wheel Sunday evening. Pastel colors were used at the banquet table. Sweet peas and maidenhair fern formed two large Vs and two large white lighthouse candles added to the beautiful effect. Small individual place candles in various colors and designs were also used. The large wedding cake was decorated in pastel colors and was inscribed with “Happy Anniversary Glenn and Gladys, 17 years”. As the guests of honor entered the dining room, they were greeted by a loud speaker. This was the beginning of a series of surprises for them. In addition to being an anniversary celebration, the party was also a farewell for Glenn Marders, a physco - neurotic technician with the rating of pharmacist mate first class in the U. S. Navy. He has received his orders for service outside of the Continental United States. A gift of a large flower bowl and mirror was presented to the bride and groom of seventeen years ago. Dancing followed the dinner. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Marders, parents of Glenn Marders, report they heard many expressions of pleasure and congratulation from the management and other guests regarding the beauty of their table. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Marders, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Marders, Jr., Miss Mona Marders, Mrs. Verna Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Williams, Mrs. Jimmie Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Marders and Wayne Crabtree.

Lt. and Mrs. English are the parents of a baby girl born this afternoon at Oroville Curran Hospital. English is a press censor on General Eisenhower’s staff and a recent dispatch from a Reuter’s correspondent reported the lieutenant had made the remark, just after crossing the Rhine, that he was more worried about the “coming event” not giving him a son. Than he was about the German shells bursting nearby. Mrs. English is the former Miss Betty Cook of Thermalito. The pair already had a daughter.

Stu notes: Where is the honor roll? I would sure like to see it. No one seems to know. My friend Howard insists it is somewhere, well where? I imagine this was the Wagon Wheel on the old Marysville River Road. Surprise, Lt. English got a daughter, well daughters are wonderful. I know; I have two. A man called and said he knew Pfc. Robert Lewis Kendall, K.I.A. Last week’s story. I didn’t get to talk to him. I hope he calls back.
Two calls on where the Dutch Haven was. It was between the State Barbershop (my friend Jim Townsend the barber now) and the State Theater on Myers Street. More to come soon on the Heroism of Maj. Raymond Leonard. The picture (Carmen wanted a picture of me) was taken at the Sacramento Airport, Sgt. Deborah J. Shaner returning to Iraq.