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December 24, 2004
Oroville Mercury May 28, 1945

S. Sgt. Gordon P. Foster, son of Mrs. Grace Foster of Paradise, has been reported killed in action in the Pacific area, according to an official announcement of the Office of War Information.

Oroville Mercury May 17, 1943

News About Thermalitans In Service
THERMALITO- Ensign Robert (Bob) Bartley has been spending a two weeks furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Bartley, Twelfth Street, Thermalito, Bob received his commission April 23 when he was graduated from the naval training school connected with Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill. He has already received his assignment and will report for duty soon. He leaves Monday for Chicago.

DONALD (JACK) BARTLEY, who is a student in chemical engineering at the University of California, was home over the weekend. He is in the Naval Reserves.

JAMES (JIM) FORBES, who enlisted in the navy some time ago but who was not called until last month, has been stationed at Camp Peary, Va., and has been appointed master-at-arms over a large force of men. Forbes is a veteran of the first World War.

PVT. VERN HUNT is home on furlough from Selman Field, La. He is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hunt, and other relatives and friends. He will leave by plane next Tuesday to return to camp.

ALFRED (MIKE) WRIGHT who was inducted into the army last month has been assigned to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., for his basic training.

McManus Sees Plane Crash
Thomas McManus of Oroville, and observer at a nearby listening post, reports that he saw the two pursuit planes collide in the air last week and then fall to the ground and burn. McManus was conversing by phone with the Redding filter station while watching the planes. He immediately informed his headquarters of the crash, he said. He had been working a 15-hour emergency shift on the day of the accident.

Palermo Item
Pvt. Joe Magrl, who is stationed in Tennessee, is home on furlough and is visiting at the home of Mrs. David Roses.

Mrs. E. R. Dotson and family, Miss Betty McFadden, Roger and Wade, all of Susanville, and Glenn McFadden, aviation MM 2-C USN, who is home on furlough after 22 months in the Pacific, have been visiting relatives in Palermo and Oroville. Mrs. Dotson is a sister of Mrs. Everett Burns.

Stu’s notes: I was watching the Discovery Wings channel and learned this about General Billy Mitchell, who fought in two wars.


Billy had amazing foresight and knowledge of what the Airplane could do. But the war department would not listen and he was court martial. Guilty of insubordination. At his court martial, 1925, he said soon soldiers will jump from airplanes, fly faster than 1,000 miles an hour and the Japanese will bomb Pearl Harbor. In 1947 he was promoted to Major General, and given the Medal of Honor, posthumously. His love of our country was so true that he gave up his career to help it. It was too bad that the army didn’t listen, especially on Pearl Harbor.

The little article, about the Paradise, man was on page 3 of the Oroville Mercury Register and is probably all that I will read of this young brave soldier who died so far from home. Most of those that died from out lying towns were soon forgotten. Mrs. Bartley was my 8th grade teacher, a wonderful lady. Does anyone remember that airplane crash of 1943? Those airmen that might of died over our town should be honored.