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November 19, 2004
Oroville Mercury Register May 15, 1945

pictured here is,
Pfc. H. Russell Jones has arrived overseas and is stationed at a general army hospital in northern France. He recently received his promotion to private first class. He said he is learning to talk French in order to make himself understood and to know what is going on around him. A cathedral built in 1647 and the Benedictine Monastery at Fecamp are some of the points of interest he has visited. The surrounding country is very beautiful at this time of year, his letter said, with a great deal of sunshine and growing crops. Assigned to the medical division of the army, Jones trained at McCaw General Hospital in Walla Walla and at camps in Texas, Idaho and Illinois. He is the son of Mrs. Mabel Jones of Montgomery Street and was employed by Montgomery Ward before entering the service.

Stu’s notes: We had a very good Veterans Day Parade. Jim Hollingsworth and committee are planning to make this event bigger and better every year. I would like to give a big thank you to all those involved. Jim Moll as usual did a wonderful job announcing the parade. He is a true Veterans Advocate. If you haven’t seen him at the Fourth of July concert you need to. Originally Veterans Day was called Armistice Day to honor the heroes and the ending of WWI. I just saw a feature on the History Cannel about the ending of that war. The shooting was to stop at 11am on Nov. 11th, 1918. Everyone on both sides knew this. The Germans were well entrenched on there side and were sitting tight until that hour. Some British and American Generals decided on those last days that we needed more territory, one American General wanted to take a town so he could take a bath, (so the story goes) anyway attack we did and thousands or more on both sides died that last day. 6,000 dead and 18,000 wounded the last 3 days. The last to die was American Henry Gunther, KIA 10:59AM November 11, 1918. Then all along the front the guns fell silent. Later after Thousands of letters and inquiries from Mothers who lost their sons, those last days. Congress took action (well they gave it a half hearted attempt to lay the blame somewhere), Gen. John Pershing , the American Commanded was called to Washington as were others but when the smoke cleared after in-fighting from both sides of the aisle. Nothing was done, oh by the way no high-ranking officer was killed in those last days. And soon the needless lost of life was forgotten. But they will never be forgotten in Oroville.

I went to the Veterans Day service at the First United Methodist Church in Oroville, Dr. Peter Gibson-Hudson retired after many years in the Coast Guard and other government service was the speaker. He talked about the Middle East and how different their lives are, and one memorable and lonely Christmas Day. He was stationed on the Persian Gulf and decided not to work on Christmas day and go off base with a picnic lunch and a fishing pole. He said it was very hot and dared not swim for fear of sharks. He was a lonely Sailor far from home, where he would often swim in our Feather River, then low and behold God sent the dolphins to him. He could then swim in complete safety. He then enjoyed the rest of Christmas Day. Peter will live right next to our planned Veterans Memorial. Maybe his Dolphins will swim up our river and watch over our memorial. Our church has had and still has many Veterans. Four that serve on our Veterans Committee. Ted Grainger, Darby Miller, Doug Krause and we recently lost Ed Ewalt who worked on the memorial for three years, he recently passed away and is truly missed at our meeting and our church.