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November 12, 2004
Oroville Mercury Register. May 15, 1945

In The Fight
T-Sgt. Albert Thelander, of Rt. 2, is a tank driver with the 3rd Army in Germany. He has seen action in Belgium and Holland as well as in Germany. Being in a spearhead division, liberating many prisoners and traveling fast, he has had a number of hair-raising experiences. On one occasion, he was crossing a bridge when a girder gave way and his tank crashed through the bridge and turned over. No one was hurt. Another time a shell – luckily a dud – entered the tank and pierced the top of the gas tank. The Thelander luck still held, he said. Thelander has been in the army since January, 1942. He is a graduate of Oroville High School. The Thelanders have two other sons in the service.

Pvt. Robert K. Thelander is at Camp Wolters, Tex., where he is receiving basic training as an infantryman assigned to a battalion stressing rifle training. Before entering the army in March, he was employed in the machine shops at an army depot in Stockton. His hobby is making small models. A small air compressor made to scale is said to operate perfectly when connected to electric power. A one-cylinder gas engine and a cannon are among the other things he has made. His superiors at the Stockton depot have complimented him on his work.
Earl Thelander left recently for Camp Beale to begin his service in the army.

Oroville Mercury Register February 23, 1951

Raymond “Doc” Verkerk, who has been starring at football for the Fleet Team at San Diego for the past three seasons, has turned his hand to wrestling this winter with notable success of far. Latest information from the Navy base says that Verkerk recently captured the heavyweight position on the Fleet wrestling team and is yet to be defeated in matches with other service teams. Verkerk was an outstanding lineman for the Oroville Tigers prior to his graduation in 1947.

First Lt. Robert J. Burns has been transferred from Lackland air base at San Antonio, Tex., to Sampson Air Force base at Geneva, N.Y. He had been stationed at Lackland for three years. Lt. Burns is attached to the adjutant’s office. He received his assignment when some of the permanent personnel were moved to the New York base. With his wife and two children, Karen, 5 and Robert J. Burns, 1½, he will have quarters at the base. Lt. Burns is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bills of Montgomery street.

Kenny Martin, 17 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Martin, Oroville, enlisted in the U. S. Army on February 20 and is now undergoing training at Fort Ord. He enlisted for three years. He formerly attended Oroville Union High School
Stu’s Notes: Bob Thelander was one of those that had a Military Vehicle collection in Oroville. I have always enjoyed looking at his collection. Pat his wife is a friend of mine. She still is involved in the Military Vehicles. She has a very nice Jeep that my little grand daughter, Jessica got to sit in recently. Pat had it down at the benefit for children of those who were injured or died in from Iraq and other wars. The Oliver North Foundation that provides scholarships for these children. Pat is also a member of the Men Who Built Oroville Dam Club. She worked in the warehouse during the construction of the Dam. I feel like I have completely neglected the Korean War in my articles. About two years ago I did write about Robert Harley Young, who was awarded the Medal of Honor. Remember to get a copy of the Diggens, Butte County Historical Society. Stories of many Oroville heroes by James Lenhoff.

Another thank you to Shakey’s for supplying the tickets for our Spaghetti lunch and show. More thanks to come.

The ladies who presented me with the $2,500 check from the VFW Ladies Auxiliary 1747, were, President, Frosine Griffin, Secretary, Virginia Bias and Treasurer Emma Nelson.