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October 29, 2004
Oroville Mercury Register, May 10, 1945

In The Fight
Cpl. Herman Lightle and Pfc. Johnie W. Lightle, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Lightle of Houston Street, are fighting the war in the European area. Johnie Lightle is in the Infantry of the 2nd Armored division of the 9th Army. He entered the service in July, 1944, and after training at Camp Hood, Texas, was sent overseas in December. He went through England, France and Belgium and on into Germany with the dashing 9th Army forces. Prior to entering the army, he was a cat skinner at Feather River Pine Mills and also was a foreman at the Santa Cruz Cannery. His wife and two daughters, Carolyne and Martha Faye, are living on Elgin Street. Herman Lightle is with the 5th Army in Italy. He is a truck driver in the 916th Field Artillery and is entitled to wear a good conduct ribbon. In the fighting just east of Grossetto, on a pitch-black night last summer, the 916th made a direct hit on a Kraut gasoline dump. There was a tremendous blast of flame and the whole countryside was lighted up. Firing rounds into it throughout the night, they kept the area will lighted for the doughboys. In the 173 days of combat duty, this unit fired more than 134,000 rounds of ammunition. Lightle has been in the army about three years, receiving his training in Oregon camps. He has been overseas more than a year.

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Stu’s notes: As Co-chairman of the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park Committee, I want to say that Patti Meyers and John DeRee put together an amazing talent show. They worked so hard for so long. Mike Ramsey was the MC. The show really amazed me. There is so much talent in the Oroville Area. Bill Fox and a big crew of our members, with Stan Rinehart as head chef, put on a great spaghetti feed. I was a little disappointed in the turn out, but considering the rain and 4 other events in Oroville that day, we did alright. Also a great thing happened. Three Ladies came up to me and said we have a check for the Memorial , they were from Aux. 1747 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. We went up on the stage and Mike introduced them. They handed me the check, I was dumfounded. The check was for $2,500. Our biggest contribution to this date. I hope to get all their names soon.

Oroville High School Class of 1943 recently sent us a nice check for our memorial:
“The Oroville Union High School Class of 1943 have many who were veterans and several lost their lives in World War II. We wish to do our small bit to further this worthwhile project.
Sincerely, OUHS Reunion Committee, Gertrude Bartley, member, Janet Thengvall member."
Many more thanks to come.