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May 23, 2003
Oroville Mercury March 15 & 17, 1945

Lt. Bill Dolan crashed the news wires and radio waves today in an Associated Press story from the 21st Bomber Command at Guam. Concerning the recent B-29 raid over Osaka, the correspondent wrote of the apparent blowing up of a huge arsenal there while Dolan's plane was over the place. "Four violent explosions rocked the ship of Lt. Archie L. Nash of Kannapolis, N. C." read the story, "After the first blast the bombardier, Lt. J.B. Allen of Scottsville, N. Y., found himself sitting on the lap of Copilot, Wm. H. P. Dolan, Jr. of Oroville Calif." The big bomber was jolted from the 7000-foot level to 12,000-foot level by the force of the blast, it was said. Mrs. Dolan, the former Anne Madsen, got several telephone calls from friends who had heard of the broadcast.

Lt. George Higgins, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Higgins, has been awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement in accomplishing with distinction several operational missions over enemy continental Europe" Higgins, Eight Army Air Force bombardier of a B-24 somewhere in England reached the age of 20 on Washington's Birthday. His name George, was given him in honor of the first president. He has been in the service for nearly two years and overseas since Dec. 1, 1944. He was graduated from the local high school in 1942. Prior to his enlistment in the army he worked at the State Theatre. The citation awarding him the medal also read that the courage, coolness and skill displayed by each member of the crew in the face of determined opposition materially aided in the successful completion of the missions. Major General Kepner made the award.

Stu's notes: Last weeks story about Pvt. Eugene A. Russell fighting in the Philippines brought out a story from one of our Veterans Memorial Committee members, Darby Miller. Darby was in the Philippines at the end of the war. He was in a Navy group that took care of the P0Ws that were rescued by the Army Rangers. Darby's words "The Army Rangers fought all through Europe then were sent to the Pacific War. They were the meanest, toughest greatest guys you ever met. 7hey came to rescue the P0Ws that survived 3 years of terrible brutality at the hands of the Japanese ". As our troops closed in on the prison camp the word came out they were to be executed. Thank God for the Rangers. Their conditions were so terrible that 30 died that night having only one day of Freedom. Because the Japanese said the P0Ws were abandoned by General MacArthur, they called them The Bastards of Bataan. Although the men learned later that the General was under orders and the Army runs on orders They had fought the Japanese for 6 hard months, surrendering only when they ran out of everything. Darby has a friend, Bob, who was one of them. He lives in Oroville. Maybe he will tell me his story. Although it is bound to be too sad, it should be told to the world Darby himself was wounded in a boat explosion. His two brothers were also wounded in the war.