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April 18, 2003
OROVILLE MERCURY February 24,1945

Mrs. Mary C. Stafford of Wyandotte Avenue has two sons in the service and two grandsons. Pvt. Walter Stafford entered the army more than two years ago. He was reported missing last November but has since written that he is a prisoner in Germany. Before enlisting he was employed at the Western Pacific roundhouse. Cpl. Alexander Staffordenlisted in January 1943. He was born in Kansas and came to Oroville about nine years ago. He was employed in agricultural work in this vicinity and also as a mechanic. Pvt. Eurn Kilgo is her grandson and the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kilgore of this city. He was sent to the European area last summer and is now convalescing in Tomey General Hospital at Palm Springs. He received his military training in Georgia and attended Oroville 44 schools. Another grandson is Claude W. Mitchell who is a fireman first class with the U. S. Navy. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mitchell of Crane, Missouri. He started training at St. Augustus, Florida, in January 1943 and later graduated from gunnery school. He has been to North Africa, Gibraltar, Sicily, Puerto Rica and many other points.

Stu's notes: Boy what a patriotic family. We previously wrote about Walter H. Stafford, Dec. 27, 2002. The Family of William and Mary Bice Stafford. The veterans keep on coming from this family up to 2003 and on. Family members tried to enlist in WWI but their American Indian (Cherokee) status did not allow them to at the time. According to Juanita Anglin to whom I have spoken to many times over the last two weeks. I have known a lot of her extended family members here in Oroville. Juanita (a Vietnam Veteran who dodged more than one bullet over there) is the great granddaughter of William and Mary. Her brother, Ron Anglin, just won 1st place at the Old Time Fiddlers Championships. We all knew him as "Happy " in high school. Another very good family friend of mine, Leonard Stafford, and his brothers and sisters served our country well. I first met Leonard when I was 8 years old; what fond memories I have of him as we explored the wilds of Thermalito. He even pumped me all the way to Chico and back on my bicycle. He being bigger, I got to ride on the handlebars. Sad but his German born wife, Christa, just passed away. Most of Leonard's many brothers served our country from WWII on. One brother, Orval, served in the California National Guard fighting the flood of 1955 in Oroville. In a jeep wreck he received a heck of a bump to the head. Gordon Jensen, along with Larry Shaner, drove the jeep. His mother Stella, Mrs. Stafford to me, married William and Mary's son. She still lives in Oroville, what a lady. She built their house here in Thermalito; fixed the phone lines all over Thermalito when they fell down and raised all those Veterans. You can see her along Meyers Street often pushing her wheel chair. More on this amazing family. Cory Norman Kilgore fought in Korea, his son Doyle fought in Vietnam. Barbara Brinker, great granddaughter of William and Mary, is married to Sheridan Brinker who worked on the Oroville Dam. Arlin helped build the new Memorial to the Men Who Died Building the Oroville Dam; thank you C. C. Myers. Sheridan also served in the Army and his son Ararat was a Marine in Vietnam. Eura "Pete" Kilgore’s son, Dean, served in Vietnam. Barbara and Juanita are planning a big family reunion June 21st at the Forebay. Wow can you imagine the Veteran’s Stories that will be told there?