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January 24, 2003
Oroville Mercury Register January 17th, February 5th , 6th and 8th, 1945

Some Gave All

Gridley Man's Name In List Of Killed.
WASHINGTON U.P. The War Department today announced the names of 1706 U. S. soldiers killed in action. Included on the list was: EUROPEAN AREA: Justus, Pfc. Raymond D. Mrs. Mary E. Justus, mother, Main St. Gridley, Calif.

2 Japanese Return To Palermo Farms
A. T. (Tony) Tokuno and Mosses Uchida, Japanese, who left when the Japanese were ordered into internment camps, returned Monday to their farms near Palermo. Tokuno's farm is half a mile north of Palermo and Uchida's is about three miles southwest of Palermo. The two have been in a Utah camp. Tokuno graduated from Oroville High school in 1926. Uchida attended the local school but was forced to quit when his father died.

Bells Learn Their Son Now A Captain
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bell of Mitchell Ave. have received word that their son, John R. Bell, has been promoted to the rank of captain. Capt. Bell is in the dental department of the medical corps located in the 185th general hospital in England. He graduated from Oroville high school with the class of 1923 and received his dental training in the University of Southern California. He practiced dentistry in Nevada City for about seventeen years, where his wife and family now live.

Former Richvnle Boy Given Bronze Star.
Ens. Berinan Weitz of Ventura, formerly of Richvale has been awarded the Bronze Star by the commander in chief, U. S. Atlantic fleet, according to the copy of citation, which Weitz has sent to his mother, Mrs. H. L. Weitz of Ventura. The citation said the award was made "For meritorious and outstanding performance of duty as a member of the flag complement, commander in chief, U. S. Atlantic fleet, from February, 1941, until September, 1943, and as an operations plotting officer." The citation referred to his diligence, thoroughness and complete understanding of fleet assignments and tasks. He attended grammar school here (in Richvale) and high school in Biggs. A graduate of the University College in Ventura, he enlisted with the navy in 1935. During the first years of the war he served as private secretary to Secy. Knox. He was on the ship that took President Roosevelt to meet Churchill.

Mrs. Jack Keefer, the former Grace Seibold, has been notified that her husband, Pfc. Keefer has been awarded the Infantryman's Combat Badge.

Feather Falls
Mrs. Fern Price has received word that her husband Lloyd Price with the air force somewhere in Italy has been promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Stu’s notes: I went to school with Edmund Tokuno, I wonder if Tony is his father or another relative? I've heard from my Class of 1958 reunion committee, that Edmund has passed on. Sad that this internment happened. Feelings ran high; it was such a vicious war. Many young Japanese Americans fought bravely in Europe. Mostly this column is about Oroville area men. I think the stories of our South Butte County should also be told. There are not very many in our paper. All went to this war. From the high school kid to doctors and lawyers and men with five children. Hopefully the Gridley Man’s name will go on their beautiful memorial at the Gridley – Biggs Cemetery. My readers are calling in. Thank you; keep it up. Stu: 533-8147