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August 23, 2002
February 1945

For gallantry in action against the enemy, Sgt. Lermar Rigmaiden of Oroville, anti-aircraft soldier, has been awarded the Silver Star Medal . With the Seventh Army in France, Rigmaiden risked his life to rescue men of a reconnaissance patrol pinned down by enemy fire.

Single handedly he charged an enemy machine gun position, killing the gunner and forcing the others to withdraw.
The 25-year-old former Oroville High School cadet captain had hastily formed a combat patrol and led them to the aid of the beleaguered patrol. "As a part of his patrol's action in keeping the enemy heavily engaged, Rigmaiden personally 'liquidated" the machine gun nest. The men held off the attackers until a larger force arrived to complete the rout of the attackers.

He "calms" his parents
Apparently one of the first things Rigmiaden did after having been awarded the Silver Star was to send a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rigmaiden of C Street. He was afraid news of his decoration would reach them before he had a chance to tell them that he "didn't make a habit of exposing himself unnecessarily to danger." 'Don't let it worry you, he urged them " I really don't go around charging German machineguns in my spare time." He wrote that he could hardly believe he had been awarded a medal. Rigmaiden was graduated from the local high school in 1937. Besides having been captain of the cadet corps, he played in the school band and won his letter in football.

Became store manager.
After graduating he worked for Montgomery Ward's here and later became manager of Rasco's store in Colusa. Before going overseas about a year ago, he trained at Camp Haan. His wife is the former Marjorie Gerloff of Oroville. She now lives at the Nurses Residence, French Hospital, San Francisco. He has two brothers serving with the navy in the South Pacific. They are Herman Rigmaiden Jr., Aviation Ordnance Mechanic, 3/C; and Ray Rigmaiden, Chief Petty Officer. Another brother, Murl, is manager of the Valley Express Company in Stockton.
Rigmaiden's letter dated Dec. 21, telling of the decoration, was the latest, one his parents have received. In it he sent holiday greeting and said he had attended church that morning. The church, built in 1819, had come through several wars unharmed he said. He also told of being comfortable in a small log cabin, "as long as it doesn't rain and of having fresh eggs several times a week and turkey for the holiday dinners."

Lt. Don Hocking Goes Back To Army Base.
Lt. Don Hocking left today for his base in Kansas City after having spent a few days at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hocking of Pomona. He is a pilot in the air corps and expects to be assigned to overseas duty in the near future. He has been in the army about two years. He was accompanied here by his wife and son who are remaining in Oroville.