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December 13, 2002
Well, I have more to the story about Jacqueline Awanda Andes and her husband Carrol Paul Andes. Who recently were killed in a car accident on Highway 99. Oroville Mercury-Register November 23, 2002. 1 just had the pleasure of meeting this nice lady several years ago at the Memorial in the Gridley Cemetery for her brother Seaman 2nd Class Warren H. McCutcheon. "First to Fall" WWII. She was very proud of her brother. It is so sad that she is gone. I urge all my readers to visit this beautiful memorial, -built by Gridley and Biggs VFW posts and public contributions. Young Warren was killed December 7,1941 while serving on the USS Maryland. Killed by strafing Japanese "Kate" torpedo bombers as he rushed to his battle station a 50 Cal. Machine gun mount. The planes had just dropped torpedoes that hit the USS Oklahoma that was berthed next to the Maryland when Warren was hit, about 0755 Sunday morning. He is buried beneath a huge Cedar of Lebanon tree in the front section of the Gridley-Biggs Cemetery. Marked by a standard G. 1. Headstone. Young Warren was 17 years old that fateful day. He was a towheaded boy nicknamed 'Cotton" by his family and friends. He was born March 5, 1924 at Mayer, Arizona, to, William Herbert "Hub" McCutcheon and Ada Alice McCutcheon. The baby of the family, Warren had 6 brothers and sisters. Hub worked on the Feather River Gold Dredgers east of Biggs, then in the Shipyards in the Bay area during the war. Young Warren went to Biggs High, enlisting in the Navy March 2, 1941, days before his 17th birthday. In his short hard. scrapple life he had already done well. Perfect attendance in the eighth grade, school traffic safety patrol as a crosswalk guard, Boy Scout, Future Farmers of America. He went to Sunday school, sang in the church choir and could discuss the Bible with the adults. Such a bright future for this young man, who is ready to see the world, cut short by a cowardly attack. Every year December 7th the few remaining survivors of Pearl Harbor, in this area, go to young Warrens Memorial after the ceremonies at the Gridley Fairgrounds. After they are gone, who will go? Hopefully someone.

Credits for this story. Butte County Historical Society Diggins Fall edition 1996, Major Robert Millington USMC retired, Beverly Bass Beers, Stu Shaner. Back issues of the Diggins can still be purchased at the Butte County Historical Society Museum on Spencer Street, Oroville, Ca., The hours are 11-3 every Saturday.

Oroville Mercury February 3, 1945

Foothill Notes
Lt. And Mrs. Robert H. Tieck were here from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tieck is flying the B-24. He is being sent to Lemoore, Calif., where he will pick up his crew. They were visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Tieck.

Chief Mate James Kehlor of the Merchant Maine left last Monday for San Francisco where he will receive shipping orders.

Tech. Sgt. Melvin M. Johnson of Biggs was one of the American prisoners released in Tuesday nights attack on Canbanatuan it was learned here today through a release from Allied Headquarters in Luzon. Johnson last saw his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johnson of Biggs, about six years ago. He was preparing to come home after several years military service just before his capture during the fall of Manilla. Johnson's brother, Sgt Paul Johnson, has just returned to the states after three years’ service in the South Pacific.

Stu's notes: Although the end of 'he war is only six months away, sadly, one of Oroville's finest, Lt. Robert H. Tieck will never come home. On a lighter note, in last week's column, Robert Evans didn't marry the Marge in that story, she was his sister. He married a San Jose girl, June 1946, whom he met after the war. Her name was Margaret Charlotte Larson, he called her Marge. Marge worked for Butte County for 31 years. Bob and Marge were the parents of Kathy Evans Mendenhall,