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November 22, 2002
From: http:www.aviationhotline.com/Korean WarR-Z.htm

Private First Class Robert Harley Young. U.S. Army, Company E, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division was killed in action on November 5, 1950. He was North of Kaesong, Korea on October 9, 1950. He entered the service at Vallejo, California. He was born in Oroville, March 4,1929. G.O. No.: 65, 2 August 1951. Citation: Pfc. Young distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action. His company, spearheading a battalion drive deep in enemy territory, suddenly came under a devastating barrage of enemy mortar and automatic weapons crossfire, which inflicted heavy casualties among his comrades and wounded him in the face and shoulder. Refusing to be evacuated, Pfc. Young remained in position and continued to fire at the enemy until wounded a second time. As he awaited first aid near the company command post the enemy attempted an enveloping movement. Disregarding medical treatment he took an exposed position and firing with deadly accuracy killed 5 of the enemy. During this action he was again hit by hostile fire which knocked him to the ground and destroyed his helmet. Later when sup- porting tanks moved forward, Pfc.Young, his wounds still unattended, directed tank fire, which destroyed 3 enemy gun positions and enabled the company to advance. Wounded again by an enemy mortar burst, and while aiding several of his injured comrades, he demanded that all others be evacuated first. Throughout the course of this action the leadership and combative instinct displayed by Pfc. Young exerted a profound influence on the conduct of the company. His aggressive example affected the whole course of the action and was responsible for its success. Pfc. Young's dauntless courage and intrepidity reflect the highest credit upon him and uphold the esteemed traditions of the U.S. Army.. General Omar N. Bradley presented the Medal of Honor to his father, Melvin Dewey Young, on June 21, 1951. Pfc. Robert Harley Young is buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Calif.

Stu's notes: From his birth certificate I learned that Harley Young was born to Melvin Dewey Young, a railroad machinist who was 30 years old and his mother Dorothy May Luk (maiden name), she was a 29-year- old housewife. Robert was their 5th child. Bob Hewitt found this information on the Internet. Does any, one know about Robert Young? He was a hero among heroes. How long did he walk the streets of Oroville? Where did he go to school? Was he married? Please, does anybody know anything about this brave young man. I jumped ahead to this story because I thought it is so important to find out more about this young man before we build the memorial.

Oroville Mercury February 1, 1945

40 Local Girls To Go To Camp Beale March Of Dimes Dance
A group of about 40 of the girls that act as hostesses at the Servicemen's Recreation Center will go to the "March of Dimes" dance for enlisted men at the Field House at Camp Beale Friday evening. To help swell the President's paralysis fund, each will contribute 50 cents. A group of 31 girls attended the dance at the Officers Club at Camp Beale last Saturday night under the supervision of Mrs. Julia Freitas and Mrs. Zel Porter. Refreshments were served with the compliments of the kitchen committee. The leave here in the bus furnished by the army. Upon arrival at the camp, they go directly to the hall and don leave it until the dance is over. They leave in a group and Mrs. Freitas says they are chaperoned at all times by their leaders until they reach home. Many of the officers and men at Camp Beale are said to be headed for overseas. The Oroville girls were complimented on their behavior and told they were giving the men pleasant memories to carry away with them.