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B-50 Crash Near Butte County Line



B-50 Superfortress

On January 13, 1953 a B-50 Superfortress, based at Castle Air Force Base,
crashed near Gridley, California.

All 12 crewmen were lost and are listed below.

(Read the news article from the Oroville Mercury - Register)

Crew of the B-50

Name Rank Age Home
Curtis F. Duffy Technical Sergeant 27 Atwater, CA
Bobby G. Theuret Technical Sergeant 29 Atwater, CA
William H. Clarke Master Sergeant 32 Merced, CA
Wallace N. Schwart Master Sergeant 28 Maywood, IL
Gerald W. Fallon Lieutenant Colonel 34 Merced, CA
William P. McMillan Major 37 Atwater, CA
William S. Raker Captain 27 Atwater, CA
Joe L. Bradshaw Master Sergeant 37 Atwater, CA
A. J. William B. Crutchfield 27 Atwater, CA
Charles W. Hesse Airman First Class 21 Sauk Center, MN
Edward Y. Williams Captain 33 Spokane, WA
George D. Griffitts Lieutenant 23 Hico, TX