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John Franklin Hight
Leaves His Mark in France

I found this graffiti in 2010. I thought it was a graffiti left by a U.S. soldier in 1944 because there was an American airfield at Louplande in 1944. There a few weeks ago while doing research on the presence of U.S. troops in Sarthe in 1918, I discovered that the insignia was that of the 89th Division.

During World War II, the 89th Division did not arrive in Europe until 1945. So I think it is a graffiti left in 1918 or 1919. A French genealogist found a registration card on a John Franklin Hight who lived in Oroville in 1918 : see below
But I don't know if this Hight is "my" Hight.

Phillipe Gondard

Photos and information courtesy of Philippe Gondard

The Church in Louplande, France

Church in Louplande, France
Church showing graffiti location
Graffiti location
 Graffiti closeup
Graffiti location close up
Graffiti fine detail
Graffiti detail

C. WA.
(89th Infantry Insignia)
F. Hight

Hight's Draft CardHight's draft card

Hight's draft card is dated near the very end of World War I.

1920 US Federal Census Record1920 Federal Census

The 1920 US Census reveals a John Hight living in Oroville with his wife, Annie, two other adults and an infant of unknown relationship to him.

Voter Registration Records
 Voter Registration

Voter Registation Record for 1910 shows John F. Hight as a 31 year old painter, still in Precinct 6, probably unmarried as his wife is not listed.

 Votoer Registration for Thompson's Flat

John Hight is listed living with his wife Annie in Thompson Flat. He was working as a rancher in this early gold mining town at the south end of Table Mountain, near the Feather River. Black Bart, the infamous stagecoach bandit, was rumored to have lived here.

 Voter Registration

Precinct 6 must have been in the western downtown area of Oroville. Hight and his wife Anne are located in this voter registry at the very western end of Bird Street, at the corner of Bird St. and Feather River Blvd. This is now occupied by a vacant, grassy lot next to the Church of Christ. Their address was 617½ Bird Street, probably adjacent to this church  at 625 Bird St..

Hight residence

Voter Registration 1940-44

This Voter Registration Record has Hight living on Marysville Road (now Feather River Blvd.). His occupation is listed as "painter".

Another view of the Bird Street location.

hight residence location on Bird St.

Please notify Daryl Autrey if you have information on John Franklin Hight or his wife Annie.