William (Bill) Francis Connelly

Occupation: Butte County Supervisor / Contractor
Organizations & Affiliations: Masons, Shrine Club, American Legion, Eagles, Rotary, California Rifle & Pistol Association, NRA, Harley Owners Group: Hog Member, Safari International
Additional Information: Teaches hunters safety.





Military Service

Branch: United States Air Force
Rank: Sgt E-4 (made E-5, but declined re-enlistment.)
Service Dates: 8 July 1973 to 9 July 1977
Duty Stations or Assignments:

Lackland AFB Texas, Chanute AFB Illinois, Beale AFB California

KC135 Tanker Crew Chief '73 to '76

Temporary Duty: twice to England & Spain, once to Washington State, once to Iran.